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12-14-2014, 12:33 PM
I'm currently 23 years old, reputable dermatologist tells me I'm an NW2 but I'm inclined to think I'm more NW2.5 as my hairline is V-Shaped with temples receding rapidly and miniturized hairs along the whole hairline. I'm able to cover most my balding areas just because my hair is thick. Genetic package from both my parents point to NW3.5 baldness at 25 and NW4.5 baldness at 30-35.

I noticed I was losing my hair at around the age of 19, noticeably around my temples area. I've always had very thick hair (still do, where miniaturization hasn't settled in yet).

In 2012 I ordered Rogine foam from eBay to fight it, but took a step back and told myself I don't need to put my hair in dependency mode this early, I told myself future treatments would help me when I'll really be balding. So I didn't do anything. Instead, I took natural supplements that probably didn't do anything (Green Tea extracts, Resveratrol). At some point I thought my Zyrtec (Cetirizine) pills were helping but that remains to be seen because I stopped recently and my hair loss picked up fast.

Jump to late 2014, and I start noticing my temples recede more, miniaturization along the whole hairline and frontal density really start to diminish. I read about the future treatments and nothing seems to be coming soon enough for me to save my hair as I feel like it will be a tad too late when those treatments hit the market (CB, Replicel, SM, etc...).

I went to see 4 doctors from which only one told me to wait and see how Minox does before starting Fin because he was more concerned with the cancer lack of studies than anything else. All the others told me sides are benign and the dose is too small for it to be a real issue but that the risk is there. All of them disregarded the permanent sides paranoia stories.

After a VERY long (2 months) mental debate with myself about the sides from both Minox (dark circles, wrinkles) and Fin (sexual, gyno), I finally decided to take out the heavy artillery: Big 3 and never look back. I told myself Minox sides can be seen fairly easily so if I see them over time, I'll stop the treatment. Same goes for Fin, my libido is already not the same as it was two years ago but I'll still monitor and track my performance over time, again if I see any issues there I'll stop the treatment slowly.

Fin 1mg (daily) DHT inhibitor
Minox 5% foam (twice daily) Growth stimulant
Nizoral 2% (every 3 days) Receptor blocker + Anti inflammatory

Now the only thing I'm scared of is that I'm kick-starting the Big 3 all at the same time, are all shedding periods going to combine? Is there a possible issue with starting all the proven treatments at the same time?

I’m cutting generic Proscar pills in 5. Any issue with not having exactly the same amounts of Fin every day? Wouldn't my hormonal levels fluctuate too much?

I ordered Minox 5% foam from eBay. Any issue with that? Should I drop to once daily?

Also, let’s say hypothetically that CB, Replicel, etc… come out soon and that I’m at my 2nd or 3rd year on these treatments, could I switch over to other treatments without losing ground?

12-14-2014, 12:39 PM
Baseline photos. Frontal density is way less that what the pictures show. Last one shows how I'm able to cover it all and people think I'm crazy when I say I'm losing my hair.

12-14-2014, 01:05 PM
Good thing you started treatment. Waiting for future treatments to come out and not doing anything for your hair in the meantime is not a very good idea as you'll be constantly paranoid whether treatment will come out soon enough. Furthermore, every delay would mentally kill you. Your hair looks like it's in pretty good shape and your recession is indeed barely noticable when you style your hair. So basically I'd say you're in a good position.

Starting the big 3 all together isn't going to be a problem. I don't know exactly how it will impact shedding, but it certainly won't harm your hair. It might look like it does when you're a few months in, but that's just part of the process. The only disadvantage I can think of when using the big 3 together is that you won't know which treatment works well and which doesn't, but this is certainly NOT a reason to stop you from using the big 3 together!

Regarding cutting proscar and not having 1mg of fin exactly, I don't think it is going to matter. In fact, both of the dermatologists I went to told me that it did not matter whether I would take propecia or would cut proscar into 5 pieces. Even if you get a little more finasteride inside you for 1 day, it will even out at the end of 5 days which is not really a long period of time. I think you'll be just fine.

Minox 5% from Ebay is also fine, no problem. I don't know about applying it once or twice a day though... I know twice a day is recommended but I hear stories about people getting results with once a day. However, like I said, twice a day is recommended and is likely to give better results.

Your last question is a question that probably every hair loss sufferer on this forum has had. I wish I was able to give you an answer to this, but I just don't know. Most future treatments have different mechanisms of action than the current ones, hence it's kind of hard to compare. This is a question that's best to be asked in the cutting edge section, where there are people that are more knowledgeable. It would still be a guess, but a more educated guess for sure.

Best of luck with the big 3 mate, keep us updated!

12-27-2014, 09:16 PM
Thanks Illusion! Greatly appreciated :)

2 weeks into Finasteride, and 1 month into Minox/Niz now and I feel like I'm doing great for my hair!

Side effects to report :
- Slight testicular sensations/pain that have gotten worse with time. They started as random sensations throughout the day at 4 days into treatment. 9 days into treatment I tried halving the dose because the sensations were still there, it subsided at day 9-10 but now it has come back stronger at day 12-14 and I can say it's more like pain than just sensations.
- Watery semen

I don't know what to do, all the rest is fine. I don't want to go lower than the 0.5mg. I'm seeing a urologist in two weeks. That would put me at a full month on fin. Should I wait and ride it out, cut the dose or stop treatment?