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12-14-2014, 12:05 PM
Hey guys! You might have already seen me around on this forum, as I've been posting a bit here and there. I never properly kept track of my hair loss though, so I thought it was time for me to start doing that. This log is not necessarily for keeping track of treatments but more for keeping track of my hair loss in general. I'm going to upload a lot of pictures, simply because I want to keep a detailed log. Of what use is a hair loss log without pictures? Furthermore I'm going to give an update from time to time about the treatments I'm using.

A little bit about myself: I am 17 years old at the moment and started noticing that I was balding when I was 16 years old. It might have been going on for longer though, I can't say for sure. Because my father got bald rather quickly and my older brother is balding already too, I got quite paranoid and decided it was time for me to start doing something against it. A few weeks after I turned 17, I started with 1mg finasteride (propecia) ED, prescribed by a dermatologist. I got some side effects from it though (gynecomastia and slight brain fog) and I quit fin.

After things turned to normal again, approx a few weeks later, I started with fin again, only this time with 0,25mg ED. Even this dosage gave me gynecomastia (no brain fog though) and lowering that dose even further isn't going to accomplish a lot in my opinion... So fin and dutasteride weren't an option anymore.

At the moment, I'm trying RU58841. I'm taking 2ml with 50mg RU from Kane (so a concentration of 2,5%) ED in a vehicle of ethanol 95% / propylene glycol in a ratio of 70/30. I started 2 days ago and I'm not really pleased yet as I'm experiencing some tenderness in my nipples, which I also had when taking fin. When I took fin, this rapidly became actual gyno so I'm hoping that this tenderness will go away in a few days... Also, my right nipple is a bit puffy and it seems like there is a very small lump under it.

So yeah, not ideal so far, but we'll see. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures I took earlier this week. Let's just take these as a base line as I don't really have good pics from back in the day. Maybe if I search a bit, I'll find a few.

The following pictures are taken under a pretty weird kind of light. It doesn't make my hair look better (like it does with no light directly shining onto it) but it also doesn't make my hair look worse (like normal light / sunlight does when it's shining directly onto your scalp). Only the last few pics are taken under that light.

My density is still decent, although it's not great for someone my age. I've always had a high hair line (born a NW2) so that's not necessarily something I'm worrying about at the moment, though there clearly is some recession to be seen. At the front (my hair line) there are some miniaturized hairs to be seen, which is also something I have to keep an eye on. My temples are also receding a bit but again, my temples always were pretty high compared to peers. However, it did get a bit worse since.

Also, if you look closely, it seems that my right side is a bit better than my left side (I'm talking about what's right and left for me, from your perspective the right side would be worse than my left side.

Anyway, If you have any questions or just want to say anything about the status of my hair, my regime or anything else, fire away.

























12-14-2014, 12:16 PM
Why aren't you trying Minoxidil as well?
It seems some people have managed to keep hair for ~10 years with Minoxidil.

12-14-2014, 12:22 PM
Why aren't you trying Minoxidil as well?
It seems some people have managed to keep hair for ~10 years with Minoxidil.

I have been thinking about adding minox to my regime... The things is, minox is usually marginally effective (if I recall correctly, studies showed that less than half of the people using minox respond to it and that after about an average of 48 weeks, it drops in effectiveness rather quickly. Besides, minox is used for growing hair, not necessarily for maintenance. And maintenance is what I care about, so using an AA is going to give a better result.

But you do have a point, I might pick up minox in the future. Have to think about it though. If RU doesn't work out due to sides, I'll definitely hop on minox.

01-04-2015, 02:21 PM
So I've dropped down to 25mg/2,5ml (concentration of 1%) due to sides and so far so good regarding sides. I'm not sure about effectiveness though. I seem to be shedding more hairs this last week, which happened to be the first week on the lower concentration. It are mainly short (couple of cm versus my normal hair length of ~13cm), thin hairs so I don't know whether that's good (thinning hairs are getting replaced) or bad (thinning hairs are thinning/getting weaker even more). Itch is slightly worse too on this dosage. Probably a bad sign. I'm hoping I can up my dosage a bit ASAP. Also, might need to try 3ml instead of 2,5ml. It's pretty hard to cover your whole scalp with 2,5ml, I seem to miss a couple of spots because I don't have enough mixed RU.

Hair is feeling thinner and thinner everyday. Could just be my perception though.

01-14-2015, 03:43 PM
Time for a short update. Have been on RU for one month now, my hair have seem to got worse. That's weird, because I haven't lost all that many hairs while I've been on RU (I think). So either my hair didn't get worse or I lost more hair than I thought. Made some comparison pics today but nothing really spectecular. Density creeped back though (esp at crown) so that sucks. Here are two pics of my hair line: one is before RU, the other is now.

Before RU (december) vs now




Angles are slightly different and my hair is a lot ahorter (5cm shorter) in the 2nd pic. But still, this seems like recession? On the other hand, my hair seems a bit thicker in the 2nd pic. It might not be visible from up here, but in my galery I can zoom and then it shows a bit. It's not much though, might be just seeing things that aren't there.

01-14-2015, 07:52 PM
I would concentrate on halting your Hairloss, your hair still looks good at 25mg dosage, maybe your body needs time to adjust. I would also consider using a Keto based shampoo like Regenepure Dr.