View Full Version : How long were your propecia sheds?

12-12-2014, 11:53 AM
I know I might be flogging a dead horse but I'm really down about what I'm going through.

Been on propecia for 9 months now and my hair has fallen out and miniaturised at an alarming rate.

I have a double crown and in January I noticed diffuse thinning in the crown. Was advised to go on Propecia which I did. Since then my hair has begun to fall out and a more rapid rate (not sure if this is shedding) and my hair has become increasingly more miniaturised.

To make matters worse the miniaturisation is happening at different rates, so the right size is noticeably more diffuse than the left.

My scalp is continually irritated daily. Time honest I'd be happy if the "itch" went away of nothing else.

What is really concerning me is that my donor region is being eroded and my hair line has been destroyed. Neither were a visible issue in January.

Should I stop propecia?

Sorry, for asking something that has probably been asked a million times but when I searched the net for answers most if not all enquiries were left unresolved.

I hate this, I fallen in to a deep depression because of it.