View Full Version : Conservative oval forelock pattern in 24 y/o male; 1 session; Dr. Beehner

Mike Beehner, M.D.
12-10-2014, 04:34 PM
This 24 y/o male was transplanted by us with a plan of performing two separate "oval forelock" patterned procedures. We placed a total of 1261 grafts (971 FU's and 290 multi-follicular grafts (DFU's and TFU's of 4-6 hairs each). He plans to come back for a final second procedure in two years. When his native hair is completely gone several years from now, it is likely that a third session would finish things up for him and give him a density he would be happy with.

We moved a total of 3320 hairs. His FU's were comprised of 25% 1-hair FU grafts, 70% 2-hair FU grafts, and 5% 3-hair FU grafts.

In a forelock pattern of this type, the front two-thirds of the scalp are addressed, with the main goal of "framing the face." The rear crown-vertex is not filled in at all, as we have no idea how bald he might become later in life.

A forelock pattern tries to capture a stage of hair loss that many men naturally pass through on the way to balding, and thus it looks natural and doesn't look abnormal, no matter how bald he may become later on.