View Full Version : Beginning Hair loss strategy

12-09-2014, 07:33 PM
Hey guys. First post, just looking for a little guidance. Noticed last year I was starting to shed pretty bad. Went ahead and ignored it for a while but knew I had to do something. Been using Spencer's show, book, and other forums to get a start. Right now I am in my second month of fin and just wanting to know what to do from here. I just want to make sure I do everything possible to give myself the best chance.

Some questions..

From what I have been reading rivogen and regenpure are the best shampoos out there for your hair. I was hoping some one could share with me how they have been using these..either together or separate and share their results. (I.e Switch off every day-one at night/day etc..)

Does anyone any one have a suggestion for my scalp that is already dry and itchy? I'm scared the two new shampoos may make it worse? Maybe I should be using a deep cleaning moisturizer?

Finally does anyone have a reliable post or site that discusses diet? Has anyone had any good results with switching their diet?

All help is appreciated. I will try and be active and will be sharing my story and beginning pics in the introduction section. Thanks.