View Full Version : how come no ones hail 'salicylic acid ?

12-09-2014, 02:38 PM
i've been using a garnier face soap with salicylic acid in it (either 1% or 2% its not written but they dont use more) for the past month or so,

ive been using it on my face and scalp mostly, but also on my body,
i could see great results right away so i decided i must get me some powder (im just about to...)
now i just finished the soap bottle 2 days ago and already i can feel the difference.

i think its a really great thing to add to many products,
what it does is a gentle peel of only the dead cells, leaving the skin tight bright and very clean,
its also anti inflammatory (really did good for me at the temples where i have inflamation from alcohol of minox),
i belive that by the way it works it would also add with absorbtion and penetration of other topicals (good and bad, so keep your skin clean and dont touch yourself)

but really - picture this - past month my skins pores were cleaner and tighter than ever,
really minimum sebum / itch / acne / blackheads,
today i already got a lot of clogged pores.
luckily i still have some apple cider vinegar which also does similar job and its very good as well, i advise every one to use it - mix equal ammounts of this and water, apply and wash after a few minutes or leave on (the smell eventually goes off)

ok, didnt planned it to be a long post but anyway -

another thing im now looking into and probably going to buy as well, is - urea
urea is used in hand creams and it soften the skin, hair and nails by making the skin hold more water,
which is great, because skin needs moisture, not oils (at least not a lot and constantly)

the reason i mention these things is because they really does an amazing job,
they are also very very cheap and legal to buy.
i would guess that stuff like 'retin a' be very good as well (still want to add it but dont really have room for it yet), but unlike these 2 - retin a needs a prescription.
and i really dont know why no one is talking great stuff about these ... huh ?