View Full Version : I went bald and wish i'd taken the plunge sooner

12-07-2014, 03:36 AM
I started going bald at 18 and it sucked. Naturally i beat myself up about the whole thing. I went through several phases of denial and cover ups eg combe over, hats. I look back now after the big shave off and regret not doing it sooner.

I think the biggest thing for a lot of people is not taking the leap, i lost a lot of time and a lot of confidence in the period between my realisation and finally shaving. This middle ground is where everyone suffers.

Now i'm 27 bald (for 4 years) and really the happiest i think i've ever been. I am engaged to a beautiful girl that quite frankly would have been out of my league with hair. After shaving my luck with the opposite sex grew my life opportunities grew. When i had hair i was less confident and really didn't have the luck and integrity i have now.

Like i said at 18 it sucked but if i knew then what i know now, i would have been bald by 20 rather than worrying for a few years

So my message to anyone who went through this, believe me its not the end of the world. Don't be ashamed or depressed, just go with it and reveal to yourself what a liberated man you will be rather than concerning yourself with worry

And thats me, Jack