View Full Version : Offered a HT at early loss, now rejected by same doctor yrs later when its progressed

12-05-2014, 06:28 PM
I'm at my wits end. I'm not going to name bash here, but basically one of the most reputable HT doc's in the game, years back offered me a HT after assessing my hair without doing miniaturization tests or bulk analysis. It was so early on honestly, only I could tell I was losing hair. In fact another 2 very prominent HT surgeons told me anyone willing to do a transplant on me was looking for money (they only assessed photos from email).

This doc who first offered me this years ago is not that person...but still, I felt a little shocked as even at the time I knew that was out of the question. So I responded by explaining what I said above. I was just looking for someone to assist me on my journey at that time so I could do something about it. As no doc or derm knew anything relevant at all about hair loss.

Now after my hair has thinned quite a bit and "is" getting obvious, I get rejected when I re-approach them.

It took me years to find someone who would give me the tests mentioned above, as I know thats pretty much the litmus before doing anything in regards to hair loss. I have tried to go about this rationally, avoiding Fin or HT before quantifying whats actually happening. Now finally I know the issue, am seeing it progress and now suddenly I'm not a candidate?

Years ago NO ONE from pics or seeing me would say I was balding. Even now I'm sure its iffy if I were to post...but photos from then to now, side by side...you can clearly see how much thinner it has got. So...whats the deal?

I'm so flustered...I cant seem to win at this at all.

Just wanted to vent a bit...I've been avoiding Propecia/Fin...maybe I just go on it...

12-06-2014, 01:48 AM
It's woefh a shot. If you find its doing weird things to you then decide do you roll the dice or try and push through. I think it benefits most people with minimal side effects and it's not like you need an crazy dose right.

Hard to give advice without the photos mind you.

Best of luck though :)