View Full Version : three questions out of pure masochism

12-05-2014, 04:11 PM
hello again everyone

it's been a quite since i posted so here's the deal - after two years after the first transplant i'm starting to have more and more doubts in regard of my first hair transplant

first - is is possible to have 3000 hair done in two sessions or is just utter bullshit?

second - after two years there are still hairs growing at a different rate : would it be better if i'll totally quit minoxidil / nizoral ? (in fact i'm not using minox for like a month or two,and i see other bulbs with nizoral getting a little bit more of exposure)

third - and this is a question made just to know how many of you guys think you are labeled as "the bald guy" and how you cope with it. I have to say i made different experiments and i will not sugarcoat the thing here : having hair or having less hair is A BIG DIFFERENCE whatever situation i'm/you're gonna have.
So - How do you do it? Do you workout alot and pretend not to care when your head look like a circumcized penis or put on a wig/grow a beard? do you curse to god at night or segregate yourself in your room waiting for the day "The Miracolous Cure" will come? (because there will be none)

Just curious really .
I personally i'm not interest in being bald anymore since i don't enough hair for a transplant nor money to change it,and people is superficial,i'm focusing on other stuff.