View Full Version : 2000 FUT/CIT combo on class 5 patient - matured results

11-17-2009, 07:18 PM
This class 5 patient came to Dr. Cole in the mid 90s for 2000 grafts by FUT (strip) method to add density into the frontal forelock. The patient recently returned for a follow-up session where CIT (Cole Isolation technique), a non-strip method, was used in harvesting a number of single follicular units to touch-up the frontal hair line and an even smaller CIT session to address recession in the crown/vertex. The frontal hair line design of this patient is more aggressive because the natural orientation of a feminine hairline is typically lower and more defined than a typical masculine hairline. Fine single hair follicular units were utilized in creating the natural looking temple peaks and definition of the hair line. In either case, a natural looking hair line can be achieved by strategically placing single-hair follicular units with 2-hair or 3-hair FUs (follicular units) to follow. CIT, a proprietary harvesting method, allows us to maintain a consistent flow of excellent results in recipient areas as well as donor areas with very minimal transaction (0% to 2%) to follicles. Transection is trauma done to follicles that permanently disables them from producing hair. Our method also allows our patients to avoid the linear scar associated with strip method and efficient harvesting of donor resources without sacrificing scalp laxity. This is a positive result for a long-term patient.