View Full Version : 2581 Grafts by Dr. Gabel/ 6 month result/ 1 session

Steven Gabel, MD
11-17-2009, 04:09 PM
This patient is a 61 year old male who was interested in thickening up the frontal area of his scalp. He has hair in the area, but wanted to have a fuller and more youthful appearance. Although he has thinning in the crown, his primary goal at this point was the frontal area.

Transplant details:

One procedure - 2581 grafts total

Single hair grafts: 684
Two hair grafts: 1472
Three hair grafts: 398
Four hair grafts: 27

The patient is now 6 months after the transplant and is noticing the transplanted area is starting to thicken up. He is early in the post-operative period and just starting to grow. I plan to post his 1 year photos when he returns for a visit.