View Full Version : My 4 month update with Dr. Parsa Mohebi, 2,000 grafts, FUE

12-01-2014, 01:06 AM
Hey guys. I'm happy to say that I just reached the 4 month mark over the weekend. So technically, this means I'm about a month into the beginning stages of growth. I decided to completely buzz my head after surgery and kept it that way up until about a month ago so that it could all hopefully start coming in nice and even. I'm extremely pleased with the way it seems to be turning out and am really looking forward to months 6, 7 and beyond.

I'm taking 1.25 mg of Finasteride daily as well (with no sides, as of yet). All I know is that it feels so fantastic to leave the house without feeling insecure about my hairline.

I am a patient advocate for Dr. Parsa Mohebi in Los Angeles, CA. My opinions/comments are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Mohebi and his staff.

12-17-2014, 11:11 PM

That's some nice growth so far. Congratulations to you and Dr. Mohebi.

12-30-2014, 12:57 AM
Thanks Joe. I just met with Dr. Mohebi last week and he was very pleased with the way my hair seems to be cooperating. 'Twas a nice little Christmas present. :)