View Full Version : deteriorating frontal hairline causing stress

11-28-2014, 03:40 PM
I am 28 and I have been on fin for close to 3 years now. I believe it has controlled my hairloss but did not have an effect on the thinning. Lately, my hairline especially in the places where I do a parting has been thinning so bad and is really stressing me out. I have been on and off the minox 5% but did not keep at it consistently due to the itching it caused and also out of fear that it might destroy my hairline further. From the attached pictures (they look scary even to me), can anyone please give me some perspective and advice on what I should be doing? I have recently started using lipogaine 5% on hairline though not sure if its a good idea.. please help. The pics are taken after I applied the minoxidil 5%.