View Full Version : Hair Transplant - FUE - UK/Europe

11-26-2014, 01:17 PM

My name is Am and i am 30 and have been going bald/hair thinning since 20 ... I believe i will be a norwood 6/7 in a year or 2 as its continuously thinning.

I am an Indian male and naturally hairy -
- thick hair on the sides of my head,
- thick hair on my face (beard),
- Medium thick hair on cheast, legs, arms etc

So have plenty of hair on my body :)

I am looking for a hair transplant - FUE but can not afford the prices in the UK.

Does anybody know of clinics in Europe that are good, and cheap? I would like as much hair as possible so looking for over 3000 grafts if that is possible.

Is 5000 grafts realistic?

I have heard that Turkey is good ....


11-27-2014, 02:07 AM
Turkey is good and cheaper than Europe countries.

Also I think, the doctors are more experienced there because Arab people usualy goes there for transplantation.

5000 grafts are realistic. I saw 6000 grafts are transplanted to a patient in a day.

If you have any question about Turkey please feel free to ask me.