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11-17-2009, 01:33 PM
"hi dr. naughton, what is your timeline
hi dr. naughton i am extremely impressed by your histogen trials and photographs. the fact that you have increased hair growth by 25 percent is extremely impressive and to say the least miraculous. my question is that you have stated that your timeline for realse of your hsc product is 2015. is it possible that you can get fda fast track approval or that you can release the hsc complex in canada or mexico in an expedited fashion. i am not trying to be impolite, but you are dealing with a product that will be on every front cover of major publications and will make medical history. and to say the least will be the pharmecutical blockbuster of the century and will increase your companys revenue by billions of dollars annually. so in summmary dr.naughton is their any possibility that your product hsc will be released in some country other then the usa before the year 2015 , thank you sincerely joe"

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"After reading about the Hair Stimulating Complex for hair growth I’m very excited about the prospect of growing my hair back in the not too distant future. I have two questions can you provide me with a realistic timeline and do you believe this will really be able to give a person a full head of hair again?"

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11-17-2009, 01:52 PM
I'm not sure if there are going to be other questions posted, but while Joe's enthusiasm about the timeline is welcomed, I think there are much bigger questions that Dr. Naughton should address.

By far the biggest question concerning HSC is whether or not the 25% increase due to one injection is compoundable with addition injections. I think and I hope that that is what the Singapore phase I trials are set up to test, though I'm fairly certain Histogen already has a good idea of whether or not the results will be favorable.
If the results are compoundable and each injection can yield an additional 25% increase, then Histogen will effectively have "cured" baldness, while keeping HT surgeons in business.
However, if the results aren't compoundable, and there is a physiological limit to hair increases by HSC, then people with NW4 and up will have to wait some more for their full heads of hair.

someone uk
11-18-2009, 08:27 PM
what about Europe?

11-20-2009, 06:48 PM
Hi Gail Naugthon , i have a few questions for you:

when you go to begin the phase 1 ???

your scientifics used a quite main dose that the one of proof for this new phase????.... this is very important for see THE POTENTIAL in 2010

will appear the product in Malasia and some zone of Asia in 2012 ???