View Full Version : receding or mature hairline? advice or comments apprieciated

11-23-2014, 12:40 PM
Been a little concerned recently noticed i may be receding a bit? im 22 years old and looking back at pictures about 4 years ago it hasnt seemed to of got much worse if any at all but im still very worried to be honest.
i have no thinning throughout my hair its always been quite fine and straight, however just worried about the corners of my hairline.
do you guys think this is my mature hairline or do i have a bit of recession?
thank you so much in advance

to add ive also always had a cowslick which has effected the right side of my hairline


11-23-2014, 04:22 PM
You are probably thinning. It's a fact of life to lose hairs in your mid twenties. You and the rest of the world of guys are all thinning. You do have a maturing hair line. But it looks good. I think you should take a few.steps to conserve your hair. I would start slow with some good healthy shampoo with a DHT blocker / organic oil. Maybe then some natural remedies like topical vitamin c and caffeine. A very effective thing to do would be to start on a micro micro dose of finesteride like .05 per day. The combo of all the things I listed would probably make your hair feel and look great for years.

11-23-2014, 09:40 PM
I will elaborate, you could go to a dermatologist, but really don't bother, they don't know anything about hair loss. You'll find significantly better information on the internet, there's only a couple things you can do anyway.

I have a fair amount of insight into this topic so thought I'd write a general sort of post as there is a fair amount of uncertainties, unknowns, and misconceptions about hairloss.

My Story:

I'm 24, started balding at about 16, aggressively. At around 20 I started taking Rogaine & Propecia. Hair was growing back great (in the front too), but I couldn't continue dealing with the side effects. I got both of the Propecia and Rogaine side effects, talk about bad luck, especially with the results I was experiencing. So I stopped taking them, and have shaved my head ever since. I'm thinking about trying them again sometime this year though as I do believe they can be really beneficial.

What You Can Do:

There are 3 main ways to combat hairloss (which are typically referenced to as "the big 3"), any other methods are not worth your time or money.

Propecia: Propecia is a pill you take once daily that you can either get prescribed from a dermatologist or buy online generic. It's function is as a DHT blocker, which is harmful to hair follicles. Propecia is generally the best at preserving at what you already have. It will also help regrow hair in the crown, but not so much in the hairline area typically.

Rogaine: Rogaine is a topical drug that you're supposed to use 2x daily (although 1x daily is generally thought of as fine). It's a growth stimulant, and it's your best shot at getting growth in the hairline and temple area. Rogaine foam is usually preferred to rogaine liquid, as it's easier to apply and possibly absorbs better.

Nizoral Shampoo: This is another DHT blocker, but it's applied topically. On it's own it won't do much, but it's usually used in conjunction with Rogaine and Propecia just to supplement them.

Now as far as which one's do you use. Well, typically it's best to use all 3. If you use Propecia by itself, you'll probably maintain what you have and get some crown growth. If you use Rogaine by itself, you see some quick growth but it won't last too long as it doesn't block DHT. Nizoral Shampoo by itself won't do much. Most effective way is to use all 3 by far. Laser combs and whatnot are generally seen as uneffective.

Side Effects:

Unfortunately, all of these carry the possibility of side effects.

Propecia reports that about 2% of people that use it will get side effects. This is generally seen as too low. Erectile Dysfunction, Gyno (man-boobs), and just feeling sort of "off" are some of them, although Gyno seems to be the most rare. It seems that when people start taking Propecia, a lot of them experience "temporary" ED, and report that it goes away after a month or two. This is where I believe the 2% is too low, as it seems to be fairly common for people to experience these temporary side effects, but I may be off base.

I don't know the % of side effects reported by Rogaine users off the top of my head, but I do know what some of them are. Bloated face, wrinkes, and dark circles under your eyes (raccoon eyes) are possible. These are caused by water retention caused by Rogaine, as minox (main ingredient) was originally made to help high blood pressure.

Hair Transplants:

A fairly good solution, if you fit the criteria. This is when hairs from the back of your head (donor area) are transplanted to whereever you are balding. If you're in your early 20's and thinking about a hair transplant, forget about it. You should be at the earliest, late 20s, preferably in your 30s. Your hair loss need to have somewhat stabilized. This is because aggressive balding can still be happening in your early 20s, so if they transplant hair to the front of your head, then you continue losing it behind that, you're screwed. Which leads to, even if you get a hair transplant, you still have to continue taking Propecia, and Rogaine is usually recommended on top of that. It's not as if you can get a hair transplant to avoid taking the medications listed above. To get a good hair transplant is also pretty expensive, and can run well above $10,000, depending on your needs. Avoid Bosley.


Wearing hats will not make you bald. Not eating perfectly healthy will not make you bald. It's almost entirely affected by your genetics, barring extreme circumstances.

Hairloss Cures:

Luckily, the cure is on the horizon. There are many company's in a tight race to come out with their products. Aderans, Trichoscience, Histogen, Follica, are just some of the companies that are actually going through trials as we speak. I'd guess that something will come out within the next 4-7 years. Unlike years past, where the cure was always "5 years away", the technology is finally here to figure this thing out.

11-28-2014, 03:58 PM
Have you always had a widows peak? I have, my hairline is very similar to yours. I used to have longer hair and never noticed my hairline. When i got it cut shorter i realised my hairline was always a V rather than a straight line.

I'm no expert. But it doesn't look receding to me.