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Steven Gabel, MD
11-23-2014, 09:02 AM
This patient is a 55-year-old gentleman who had 2 transplants with us over a 2-year timespan for a total of 5074 grafts to the frontal and midscalp zones. He is frequently on the forums with the username of Biz. When we met over 2 years ago, we had lengthy discussions about the eventual outcome as his hair is thin and he had extensive hair loss as a NW 6/7. At the initial meeting, I was optimistic he would have a nice result, but I cautioned him that the result would be “thin” based on the amount of scalp that would need to be covered and his hair characteristics.

He recently send me some updated photographs 8 months after his last transplant which demonstrate very nice frontal and midscalp growth and coverage given his hair characteristics. He has grown his hair out which really adds to the overall look of fullness. I have not seen him since the last transplant as he does not live in the Portland area so the “after” photos were taken elsewhere hence the different backgrounds. When I received the updated photographs, I was so thrilled with how his results have transpired as they certainly have exceeded what I promised in that first consultation with him and I. Since he is only 8 months following his second transplant, we will update this post at his 1-year and 2-year timeframes.


11-23-2014, 10:37 AM
As the patient for Dr. Gabel I couldn't be more thrilled with results he achieved. I struggled with hair loss for over 20 years and to have hair again is a dream come true! Thanks Dr. Gabel and team for the outstanding results!!