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11-20-2014, 10:30 PM
Quoting Dr. Arvind

Permanent hair removal - increasing demand

Dear forum readers,

I had mentioned how permanent hair removal by FUSE/fue is being requested by patients.

Now I am surprised at how much the demand has grown.

Therefore, I feel I should mention who would be suitable/best candidates for this and what they should keep in mind in terms of pre and post op care:

1. Since a %age of hair are in dormant/telogen phase at any time , all the hair can not be removed in a single session. However, unlike laser hair reduction, the hair follicle once removed from the root will not grow back.
2. Its advisable to go for a test session of hair removal to see the healing as it is different in different parts of the body. Only proceed for a larger session once you have undergone the test session and waited for atleast 4 weeks.
3. The best hair for removal are the ones with thick calibre (advantage over laser hair reduction is that whereas laser is not effective for white hair, FUSE/fue is equally effective on hair of any color).

Pre operatively:

1. Let the hair grow (do not shave it)
2. Get required blood tests to know, if possible, the cause of any increased hair growth
3. Blood screening for diabetes, HIV hepatitis B etc

Post op :

1. There will be erythema/redness on the area for a few days to a few weeks.
2. Do not apply steroid creams especially in the first 2 weeks to reduce this redness
3. Get rid of any scabs on a daily basis to hasten healing.

Please let me know your queries and suggestions.

Dr. A

11-25-2014, 01:55 AM
Hello Dr A,
Are people just getting them removed for cosmetic reasons or are they getting them removed & implanting them on the scalp or elsewhere?