View Full Version : Shaved head, cut my head, worried about scarring in donor area

11-16-2014, 12:30 AM
As I come to embrace my Norwood 6ishness, I have started shaving my head. Tonight I put a new blade on my one-touch micro thing (The razor the "Pawn Stars" guy shills for), and as I was shaving my head, I started noticing a lot of little cuts/razor burns -- they are on my right and left sides, high up in what would be considered donor area...

Will these cuts heal and the follicles still grow? Or am I doomed to have this area scar over? I know it means little in the sense that I have already lost most of it on top, but I gotta save what I got.


08-06-2016, 01:45 PM
Do you have a picture?