View Full Version : Hair transplant in Thailand

11-12-2014, 07:53 AM
Hello everyone. This is my first post :D.

I'm almost 37 and have been slowly balding for the last 15 years. i was able to cover it up to an extent for 13 years but now i just have my hair short for all to see. I would say im at the IVA stage going on to the VA stage. My hair around the sides is immensely thick.

Me and the family are heading to Thailand next March and I've been seriously thinking of have a FUT hair transplant.

My Question to you good people is, does anyone have any experience with transplants in Thailand? I've been doing a little research and it seems the Thai surgeons are up there with the best??

Ps, My wife is Thai which will reduce my chances of being ripped off.

Tucs :)