View Full Version : 52yrs old and filling in gaps

11-14-2009, 07:11 PM
I'm 52 and first underwent a hair transplant in my 30s. I received further grafts in my mid 40s but over the last couple of years noticed my hair had thinned a lot. I was hesitant to undergo another procedure due to my memories of the pain involved and fear of excessive scar tissue.
I was also worried I might not have enough donor site to fill in the gaps I developed especially in the front.
My fear and the present availability of wonderful forums like this and internet research led me to do extensive research.
I was amazed at how much things have improved. Hair restoration is much more accomplished. I found a doctor who was able to harvest more than enough grafts to fill in and expertly feather my hairline.
Even though I was prepared for pain and ready to endure it to get the result I suffered none at all. I flew from my home in New Orleans to Boca Raton had the procedure and flew home the next day.
I found a doctor who does only hair replacement surgery was reasonable on price and most important looks at what he does as a service. I don't know if he will ever see this but I want to thank Dr Glen Charles and his entire staff for making my experience the best it could possibly be and for taking the time to do things right. Even though I was given pain medication I felt so good all I did was take a couple of tylenol just in case there would be pain when the anesthetic wore off.
I highly recommend Dr. Charles if you are in my situation and will answer any questions you might have.