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11-08-2014, 01:15 AM
I'm not one to write reviews or posts but I swore I would write 3 things following my HT 6 months ago if it was successful, as these caused me concern at the time and hopefully will help others. This is post 2.

In the whole HT process, this caused me the most anxiety.

My crusting didnt match the normal pattern. From reading many guidelines, they fall off between 7 and 10 days. So during that time, if I saw any flakes of skin in the sink after washing my hair, I assumed they were the crusts and everything was normal.

Then on day 10, suddenly it started. I can only describe it as like severe sunburn. On washing my hair, I was horrified to find lots of what looked like grafts floating in the sink.

The word "crust" or "scab" is not the right word for what I had. They were, to my eyes, identical to the grafts they had shown me in the clinic. Like small grains of rice. Not oval or "pin head" shaped but longer. They were white, and not dried blood like some people say crusts are.

On day 14, the night before going back to work, I took a hot bath and washed my hair to remove the remainder. There were hundreds of them floating around in the water. I showed my wife and showed her pictures of crusts on the internet from sites like this, and she agreed it didnt look good.

My clinic assured me that grafts are secure after 9 days (I watched the burnstein study video) but what went through my mind was that my body had mass rejected the grafts.

Anyway, I'm pleased to report 6 months later that everything is good. :) I don't have any patches that have not grown and do not believe any grafts did not take hold. My HT is better than I had ever hoped :D

As many people say, everyone is different. I hope this puts someone's mind at rest if they have the same symptoms.

11-11-2014, 04:45 PM
Congrats squiz!!!!

11-21-2014, 11:11 PM
Hello everyone. I just recently had a hair transplant 8 days ago. I have a question that has been troubling me since about 2 days ago, and I have searched and searched and gotten nothing but conflicting answers, and it is really frustrating me. I have posted this question in another board, and it probably the same situation that you had, squiz.

The thing is this: While I have been lightly rubbing the scalp to get rid of scabs in the shower, the scabs have been coming off. However, along with the scabs oftentimes a whole graft comes out. Basically, it looks exactly like what the doctor showed me was a follicular unit graft, but it was dried out. It's not just a hair attached to the graft. This happened at 6 days after the surgery. It is still happening as scabs come off, on day 8. Sometimes I do see only hairs come off with the scabs, but it has mostly been what appear to be dried-out follicular unit grafts.

For what it's worth (apparently it's important, for reasons unclear to me), there has been no bleeding associated with the grafts coming out. However, Bernstein Medical's page on the graft-pulling study clearly indicates two situations: One where the graft hairs are pulled out, indicating no loss of the graft, and one where the whole follicle is pulled out (along with blood loss), indicating loss of the graft. My question, then, is what happens if the scab comes out with the whole follicle, but there is no bleeding? My other question is this: I mistakenly used the saline spray given to me by the doctor on the donor area for the first two days, rather than on the recipient area (the nurse that did my first hair wash told me to use it on the donor area). Does this mean that the grafts were not properly hydrated and are now dead and beginning to fall out?

Most everyone asks about single hairs coming out with their scabs, and that is apparently perfectly normal. Not too many people ask about whole follicular units coming out, and that is where I see nothing but conflicting answers, some saying that the graft is lost and some saying that that is normal as well. Is there a definitive answer as to what I should expect going forward at this point? I asked my consultant but he said it was normal and wouldn't cause issues as long as there was no bleeding, but again, this conflicts with what a lot of people have said, including Bernstein Medical's study. Thanks in advance for any responses.

So what you said means I have nothing to worry about, or what? Because a guy responded to my post in another forum and said to call up my hair transplant doctor immediately, because it could mean problems.

11-22-2014, 12:47 PM
It sounds very similar to my experience.

I forgot to add they were dried out and some contained hairs.

My research also indicated there was only a problem if there was bleeding, so I'd try not worry - easier said than done eh :eek: looking forward to you posting back in 6 months saying all ok!

11-22-2014, 01:58 PM
Just about all of mine have hairs in them. Here are some pictures, too, so you can compare. They're pretty crappy, though, but if you focus you can see a blurry black line, which is the hair, and the yellowish area, which appears to be the dermal fat. The hair extends through the length of the yellow area as well. I also attached a picture of what appear to be "normal" scabs, assuming my 5mm ones are "abnormal". Those small scabs also have hair in them sometimes, but just a small piece of hair and no elongated structure that appears to be dermal fat or a hair shaft.

I think that there is honestly nothing that could put my mind more to rest than your input, but please be honest. Does what's in my picture accurately describe what you are talking about? No bleeding is ever present, and I am now 9 days post-op (the first one came out 6 days post-op). I really look forward to posting back in 6 months (hopefully sooner!) saying that I have great growth occurring. Thanks in advance, squiz.