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11-07-2014, 06:26 AM
I'm not one to write reviews or posts but I swore I would write 3 things following my HT 6 months ago if it was successful, as these caused me concern at the time and hopefully will help others. This is post 1.

I had my HT in April 2014 with Dr Nestor Pissano. I had my reasons for chosing to travel from the uk to spain, but I guess you could say it was mainly to be "out of the way" from family and friends, during the downtime.

I didn't really do a lot of research before, although I did see 3 consultants before choosing Vinci. Once I'd plucked up the courage to book it, I then got nervous and started searching for reviews on the surgeon (I know that sounds stupid). I couldn't find any - well in English at any rate! This caused me concern which grew the nearer I got to surgery date. I was comforted that he was on the ISHRS site since 2012 and there were videos from his own spanish practice performing FUT.

Anyway I needn't have worried. It was immediately apparent that he'd done the procedure many times and I felt very relaxed throughout the whole day. I'm not going to go into details of the procedure as people will post saying that wasnt right, or that was wrong, or you should have gone to spec savers (uk joke). All's that matters to me is I'm very very happy with the results and I definitely made the right choice with Vinci.

One thing that I didn't appreciate is that there were 6 other staff separating the follicles from the strip and this is why HT's are so expensive. All the girls had a good rapport with each other and had worked together for several years. I think this should be a major decision factor when deciding on where to have surgery as, as the saying goes - there is no I in team. I know some surgeons are supposed to place all the grafts themselves but not sure I believe that for 2,500 grafts and why put all that work on one person?.

Before anyone asks, no I'm not going to upload before/after pictures and no I dont work for Vinci.