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11-07-2014, 05:42 AM
Hi everyone.

I always was a high density-fine hair kind of guy, but soon after i hit 25, i felt like something has changed.
In April 2012 i noticed slight thinning in my left corner, with a fine amount of minaturization. Then i noticed thinning on the left sideburn area, the right one being more okay.

Since then i became increasingly worried about my hair. I started monitoring it, paying attention to the lost hair during the day and pulling them when showering in order to clean my scalp of all the dead hairs, which is kinda-necessary when you have sorta-long hair like me.
I don't lose too much hair when washing it, but something creeps me out: I have double mirrors in my bathroom, plus a strong light just under the main mirror. So seeing the back of my head is possible. I guess that fueled some sort of awareness, or paranoia, it depends on your judgment.

More info: I sometimes straighten my hair because otherwise it's blown off by the wind considering how fine it is, and it has a tendency to slightly curl when dry. Plus it's literally impossible to go against my own implantation. Example: My hairline grows from left to right, i'm just complelled to comb it that way.
I straighten it way less often than before, since it can damage it and i became conservative about my hair.

Two years later, my hairline didn't moved. Any hair lost at the hairline level seem to be replaced, but looks like i won't get to the before-2012 state. Here's some pics:

October 2012, with flash:

July 2014, with flash:

Still July 2014, wet hair + flash, right after a shower:

November 2014, with flash:

November 2014, no flash:

Hairline, October 2014, with flash.

Family related info:
My dad is 58 and is a diffuse thinner. Nothing too ugly considering his age.
My brother is 32; Full head of hair but his hairline is higher than mine.
My grandfather on the mom side passed away at an old age with a full head of hair. Basically the kind of hair you have at 15 years old.
My granfather on my dad side passed away before my birth but i got to see some pictures and he was a Norwood 4A.

Post scriptum:
I do not fap. :D
One of the reasons being; i noticed that after sexual activity, the next day i lose more hair under the shower and my scalp tend to become oily and itchy.
Once i got to 50 days without any sexual activity and i lost almost no hair under the shower at that moment. I'm not the kind of guy to wave a crucifix and tell you that fapping is a sin or whatever, but i became convinced that some kind of hormonal balance is needed in order to keep and maintain hair.
Thanks for reading me. :)