View Full Version : Losing Hair Suddenly

11-13-2009, 01:06 PM
I have recently begun losing hair rapidly. I am a 38 year old healthy female who takes no medication. I am in good health overall, despite being severly stressed. I recently had my thyroid tested and was told everything was fine. I cannot explain my sudden and dramatic hair loss. I do not have health insurance, so I feel as though I am in a difficult position for proper diagnosis. Is stress enough to cause dramatic hair loss? I am in grad school, have two young children, my husband lost his job and is no longer looking for one, and I have recently begun working to help to pay the bills. I have lost so much hair in the past three months I fear that I will soon reach a point where leaving my house is no longer an option. I'm desperate for help but have no means to obtain it. Has anyone out there lost hair simply to stress and has anything worked to resolve the issue?