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11-03-2014, 11:08 PM
Hi guys!

I am Mike and hail from sunny Australia...so G'day!!

I have been a LONG time lurker here, however had not jumped into the pool and got involved with discussions over the years. Really wishing I had to be honest!
I have been a regular member for many years over at HRN/HTN under the alias MusoInOz.
I had undergone HT surgery in 2011 with Dr Rahal, approx 2800 into my frontal 1/3 to restore recession and some other problematic areas. This was deemed a success and I assure I will post my story and HT adventure here ASAP. To this day I am still very happy with the outcome, slowly getting a little hair greed though…..
Over the years I have assisted many other Aussies and NZ guys with making the right decisions wether this be involving medications, surgery, products, styling etc this has been great as I truly believe in giving back to others. I attempt to always give an unbiased account of my experience whilst keeping an open mind.
Looking forward to participating on the boards and working together.
Lets fight the fight!!

Cheers guys,