View Full Version : Dr. Marc Dauer- 2617 Grafts At 10 Months

Marc Dauer, MD
11-02-2014, 03:43 PM

This patient received 2617 grafts via FUT to the frontal scalp, mid scalp, and crown. The greatest density of grafts was placed in the hairline and frontal scalp with a lessor density in the crown. Close up hairline photos and the strip scar are also shown. The patient should see increased cosmetic density as the hair thickens over the next 3-6 months but he is already ecstatic with his results. His first words on follow up were "I wish I would have done this procedure 10 years ago! I held off because I was afraid that it would look unnatural." I hear this same line all the time. He plans to have a second procedure to increase the density in the next year.