View Full Version : Hair transplant during shedding from prescription pill

11-02-2014, 11:00 AM
I have MPB but have been going through a much increased rate of shedding for the past month or so. I am pretty sure the increased shedding is due to a prescription pill I've been taking for another issue. According to my research, this hair loss should be temporary; I'll discontinue the pill, but it may take 3-6 months for the hair cycle to normalize.

My issue is that in ~1.5months, I have a hair transplant scheduled. Is there any risk of doing the procedure given the shedding that I am going through now? Some of the shedding is actually happening from my permanent regions, which will be the donor area for the transplant. So my main concern is that if the hairs that are prone to this shedding phase are transplanted, is there risk of these hairs not achieving full yield in my recipient area? If it'll be just a matter of time before these hairs start growing in the recipient area, that's fine, I just don't want to permanently lose these hairs.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

11-02-2014, 05:40 PM
Your hair is most likely in telogen effluvium phase because of the prescription medication you took. I would certainly ask you doctor before you proceed with your HT.