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11-01-2014, 07:31 PM
This is not my first post on this message board. I am a little hesitant seeking out a 'support group' online or seeking 'online advise'... however I think I will test the waters.

I am twenty six years of age, life hasn't gone the way I would liked it of to, a lot of various family, health, employment, educational, and financial issues/failures sort of got in the way. Hair loss is something two of my older brothers have gone through... so I knew it was coming and around this age too.

My hair loss has caused my hair in the center to fade and disappear on in the horseshoe from the front but no loss at my crown. There was a very little loss at my crown about a year ago but I used minoxidil there, stopped (saw some dramatic hair loss after I stopped), and the hair at the crone has really not disappeared again. Or at very least is not very noticeable...

So its happening a little bit faster and differently than it did my brothers. Minoxidil scared me and recently as my hair continues to fade I have been thinking about finasteride (cutting up a tablet to spare money maybe) but the adverse affects truly terrify me moreover the 'post-finasteride syndrome'.

I've been sort-of ready for the hair loss since I was a teenager in High School seeing my older siblings go through it. However the sudden and rapid loss after the minoxidil took me off guard. This also more rapid hair loss than my siblings saw has got me a little nervous and upset. But overall there is a feeling that I can imagine many here can relate or understand in that I am being punished for something I have no real control over, I just lost in a genetic lottery I didn't choose to play, and while changes in lifestyle might of slowed the loss I doubt it would of stopped it.

All of this is to the confusion of my extended family since there is no hair loss in my father, his parents, or on the material side either except going to my grandmother's father who was bald.

Has this affected my self-esteem? Yes... but it was rather low to start with because of the other life issues going on at the same time. The girls in my life tell me that it shouldn't bother me and that men who are bald (moreover if they shave) can be attractive... that its about taking care of yourself just like it is for anyone with or without hair. Also that a girl who would judge me on my hair or lack thereof is a bit shallow and maybe I should look elsewhere... And seeing people younger than me go bald or seeing at least one of my female friends struggle with baldness... I don't have it so bad.

But there is a want of some kind of feedback. What kind of feedback? Not even really sure. Articulating a list of the general feedback I am hopeful to receive:
1. Should I see a doctor?
2. What are your experiences (personal and observed) with finasteride?
2b. Have any of you gotten the finasteride 5mg and cut it up into fourths?
2c. Any of you experience any kind of post-finasteride syndrome?
3. What are thoughts or experiences that helped you cope/overcome this?
4. Do you think people actually do pre-judge or treat you differently as a result or is it just an irrational/exaggerated fear/insecurity?
5. Does having this community help?
6. How should I feel about all of this?
7. Anything I missed or you want to add in?