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The Alchemist
10-31-2014, 09:51 AM
Has this compound been discussed or trialed by anyone on this forum?

This is a quote from Luis Garza in a paper he published this year in:
Experimental Dermatology, 2014, 23, 224227
Does prostaglandin D2 hold the cure to male pattern baldness?

Conclusions and perspective
An outline is emerging for a fundamental role of prostaglandins
in modulating hair function. Inhibition of PTGDS might help
male pattern hair loss, conceivably with agents as simple as selenium
chloride (59). But considering this arena as much larger and
given that the skin has one of the most diverse repertoire of lipids
in the entire human body (60), the possibilities are vast for identifying
bioactive lipids, which will inhibit or promote hair growth.
The tools are limited, but the task is simple: just find the needle
in the haystack.

This is the abstract from paper referenced in above quote:

Prostaglandin D synthase in the prenatal ovine brain and effects of its inhibition with selenium chloride on fetal sleep​/wake activity in utero

By: Lee, Brenda; Hirst, Jonathan J.; Walker, David W.

It has been proposed that PGD2 induces physiol. sleep in mammals by acting on sleep centers located in the anterior hypothalamus. In fetal sheep, definitive rapid-​eye-​movement and non-​rapid-​eye-​movement sleep states appear at ∼125 d gestation (term is ∼147 d)​. In adult animals, PGD synthase (PGDS) (functionally and structurally homologous to β-​trace protein) is secreted into CSF with a circadian pattern, with the highest concns. present during sleep. In this study PGDS​/β-​trace protein is present in fetal sheep CSF at 125 and 135 d gestation, but not at 90 d gestation. SeCl4, a specific inhibitor of PGDS, was given to unanesthetized fetal sheep (130-​140 d gestation) by intracerebroventricular infusion at a dose of 25, 100, 500, or 1000 pmol​/min for 4 h. Artificial CSF was infused in control expts. Arousal behavior, defined as the presence of nuchal muscle electromyogram activity, electro-​ocular activity, and breathing movements during low-​amplitude electrocortical activity, increased from 3.8 min​/h to 6.6 and 7.0 min​/h at doses of 100 and 500 pmol​/min, resp. SeCl4 at 25 and 1000 pmol​/min had no significant effect on arousal activity. Infusion of PGD2 at 500 pmol​/min intracerebroventricularly for 4 h decreased the incidence of arousal from 3.8 min​/h to 0.7 min​/h. When 500 pmol​/min PGD2 was infused immediately after a 4 h infusion of SeCl4 (500 pmol​/min)​, the SeCl4-​induced increase in arousal behavior was abolished. Together, the presence of PGDS​/β-​trace protein in fetal CSF in late gestation and the effects of SeCl4 in increasing the incidence of arousal-​like behavior suggest that PGD2 has a role in the induction and maintenance of prenatal sleep.

10-31-2014, 05:44 PM
I know from experience that Selenium sulfide (Selsun Blue Shampoo) decreased the sebum in my scalp. The hair wasn't oily after using that. But i haven't seen any products over the counter that contain Selenium chloride.