View Full Version : Just turned 17 and suffering hair loss....please help me.

Soviet Youth
10-29-2014, 12:40 PM
Hello everyone,
This is my first time ever posting in this forum so sorry if itís not in the right section. But Iím posting here to help get a diagnosis (I know not reliable) on what I may have, as I am completely clueless. So I am 17 years old male (turned 3 months ago) and I am experiencing some form of hairloss, however, I do not think it is MPB (it might be though). A year ago I finished a 6 month course of Accutane and after I finished Accutane I noticed that my hair was thinner on top which was weird for me as Iíve always had very thick hair. Anyways, after a month or two of worry I completely forgot about it. However, starting a month ago (9 months post Accutane) or so I noticed heavy shedding throughout the day which was really weird to me as I never even noticed my hair falling out in the first place. After the first week of this starting I started to have itchiness and soreness of my scalp. Now after a month my scalp feels incredible dry and even ďburningĒ when I rub it, kind of similar to the feeling of rubbing sand into your skin. My hair loss is diffuse as it is affecting the whole top of my hair but there seems to be no typical MPB sign (I canít really see any recession I think and I donít have family history of it), and when my hair is wet I can see through to my scalp. I have no idea what this is and I would love some help as I am freaking out. Feel free to ask any questions for clarification, thanks.