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10-29-2014, 11:37 AM
Hello everyone .

Before starting to take this medication I was a frequent reader of this forum . I was losing hair at my crown , and as time went by , obviously it was getting worse .

I believe that what was happening to me , psychologically speaking , is what goes through the mind of everyone losing hair in any form or state . It was starting to affect my mood, my confidence , my self-esteem , basically everything that I had that made me feel comfortable with myself .

I was really skeptical about taking this pill , I was afraid of losing my sexual drive , afraid of not getting any results , all in all , I was afraid that this "condition" could get any worse and that I couldn't do anything about it.

I used to have long hair which I could style in any way I wanted , and as i started losing hair in my crown I started to lose the will to do it .

So in the beginning of the present year ( about 9 months ago ) I decided that I would give the medication a chance and see what I would get . I decided also to stop looking at these forums and just let the medication do its part without being obsessed with the results .
This wasn't the only decision I made , I also decided to do some major chances in my lifestyle and the way I was approaching this issue .
I started hitting the gym , running , eating healthy , and after a while something amazing happened. Slowly this hair "condition" started to have less and less importance in my mind , I was getting confident , I was started to feel good with myself , and one day I was looking at the mirror and I just thought " Why the hell should something so small and unimportant like hair affect the way you feel ???" and I decided that from that point on , regardless of taking or not taking the medication, If I wasn't feeling 100% good about it , I would just buzz cut it and solve the problem . After all its just hair .

Below you'll find pictures of my fin progress for the last 9 months . I travelled for 3 months so before the last 4 pictures there's a gap of 10 weeks during which I didn't take any photos of my crown . Although I noticed that I was getting through a 2nd shed , so its noticeable that some of the hair that had grown from the fin was lost during this period . I can tell clearly that at the moment it stopped shedding was it was about 2 months ago and I believe its starting to grow again .

My advices if you're starting to take this med:

- work your self-esteem and don't let unimportant things bother your confidence in yourself
- learn about hair grow and rest phases , as well as fin way of working
- prepare yourself for shedding phases , they will most likely happen before your hairlines/crown starting to get better
- don't count hairs , hairs grow and fall at different paces during different times. If you decided to take this med , don't count days , start by counting weeks , months , and eventually try to look at long term , you probably will only get matured results after 18/24 months . So try it at least for one year and only then evaluate the results .
- if by any chance you lose your sexual drive , take an action on it . You'll have 2 option , either stop taking this med and everything will get back to normal , or start taking medication for it ( its no big deal really ) .Personally I haven't had any sexual side effect from taking this pill , but if I had I wouldn't have any problem taking medicine for it .
- If you don't feel 100% confident with lack of hair in certain parts of your scalp , just buzz cut it or shave it . We all care about our hair or lack of it , but there's a difference between taking an action in order to get it better , and let your well-being depend on it . It shouldn't , we are much more than our physical being .

I hope that I got my message through .

Wish you all to get the results you want , but don't forget to take care of your "inside" during it . Do things you love , treat yourself properly , learn to love yourself for who you are truly and not an ideal or perfect self . If you work that part properly , after a while and independently of the results you get , you start feeling better about yourself , and all these insignificant problem start to go away .

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10-29-2014, 12:17 PM
Imagine adding Minoxidil an Regenepure Dr and Nt to your regime ;).

10-30-2014, 01:25 PM
Looks like it go worse

10-30-2014, 02:36 PM
It may look worse because i went through a second major shed but I believe its starting to pick up . If its like my first big shed after starting on fin , the results will be good . Time will tell , theres nothing much I can do apart from waiting and enjoy myself in the meanwhile .

10-30-2014, 04:48 PM
Amazing results <3

BTW Zodiac, has your sides, sideburns and temples thicken as well?

10-30-2014, 04:48 PM
Looks like it go worse

Someone's a lil jealous..

10-31-2014, 07:03 AM
Well about the sides I can't really say anything because they were and still are pretty much full since I started on fin .

Although I would say that the front side ( temples ) also got better along the way .

Note : Ill update every 3 months from now on .

and an important thing that I forgot to mention is , if any of you decide to start on fin , don't freak out if your hair start shedding like crazy ( usually its a sign that it is working ) .
From what Ive read it kinda throws away all your thinning hair , then its just a matter of waiting for it to grow thicker and thicker each time . Add up hair natural growth and resting phases , and sometimes it may look that you got worse , but don't worry too much , just stick through it and endure all these shedding phases. Hopefully and most probably it will get better a couple of months after these shedding .

While I was travelling I remember being on a train in China (I decided to let my hair grow again) and put my hand on my head and scrubbed my hair for 10 seconds , then I saw a really big pile of hair on the table ... Then I decided it was time for a buzz cut , and let the medicine to its part , without worrying to much about it .