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10-28-2014, 09:00 PM
Hello Everyone. Looking for some help selecting a plan that can help me get my hair back to where it was 2 years go.

I am 38. I started to loss my hair at about 20. I had a lot of hair so and my hairline not affected to I did not worried too much about it. At around 28, I noticed that I was starting to thin diffusely. When to an HT doctor who told me that even with a HT I would have to be on fin for the long haul. That did not sit well with me so I pretty much gave up knowing that some day I would be completely bald. But until about 18 months ago or so, I was still someone ok with my hair...It was thin for sure but happy that I had made it that far (hairline was still pretty good) ... But over the last year or so my hair really started to thin out to the point that I cut it down to a 1 clip. That when it hit me...man I am bald. So 38, married with kids. In a great relationship - wife is ok with it but I am not. I mean want to go out fighting.

HT is not an option just done want to go thru 4+ HT. Fin maybe but I wan to see what progress I can make without it...If I see results 6 months in, I am willing to go for it.

I need help coming up with the best plan (minus Fin)

I need 3 things (shampoo, regrowth stimulant and dht blocker)

1. Shampoo - I know Nizarol is a given but it only for 2x week. What other shampoo should I used the rest of the days (since I have to remove all the topical stuff I will be putting in my hair)

2. Regrowth stimulant - Minoxidil is a given but which on 2, 5 or 12? what brand? I am leading towards a xandrax type product ...

3. DHT blocker - Revivongen gets mix reviews but it is obvious that is from folks that want a 2 weeks fix. Even Fin take 6+ months. What about adding Spirol as well (topical)

I am working out 3 times a week to at least get into better shape so I can fill better about myself. I am not totally out of shape but can benefit from a 20lb lost.

What else can I add...any foods to avoid or include? What do you think about my 1,2 3 plan ?

10-28-2014, 10:03 PM
I don't know if it's too late man, but it seems like you haven't called it quits so then I guess it isn't too late. However, just be aware that regrowth at this moment is nearly impossible. Unless you're a great responder to Fin or other Anti-Androgens (which is highly unlikely to happen), you're in the same boat as the rest of us. What you're looking at is more of maintaining whatever you got left or slowing the loss.

1. I use Regenepure DR and NT for keto. And apart from that, whatever shampoo you like. I use an olive oil shampoo. To be honest, shampoo apart from Keto won't make that big of a difference unless you're using something garbage that's damaging to your hair.

2. I used Rogaine foam for 5 months. It was pretty good. Made my face skin look pretty bad but really halted my daily shedding. Switched to Rogaine Liquid 5 months ago. Caused me lots of shedding and always irritated my scalp. Was a big mistake. But it's different for everybody. Some people's scalps can handle the liquid and they respond better to it. Now back on foam. Also, trying out Dr Susan's 12% Minox cream mix, but taking a break from that for now. Look at jazz1's thread labeled 'Dr Klein's...'.

3. Anti Androgen. There's Fin, Dut, Ru, and upcoming CB. Ru and CB are experimental treatments. You can find threads about them in the cutting edge sections. I tried Ru for a little bit but quit quickly due to sides. Dr. Susan's Minox mix which has a lot of great enhancers can also include Fin of you request it. So you'd be applying it to your head instead of taking it orally. This sounds better for me so I gave it a try but I used too much and got sides. So I'm taking a break from that. In a couple of weeks I'm thinking about giving it another try, this time using it every other day at a much smaller dosage. Again, everyone reacts differently. There are people who take very high doses of oral fin for decades and are fine and save their hair. Then there are others who suffer terrible long lasting side effects from a short amount of usage. It all depends on how your body handles it. For me, I noticed sides pretty quickly but they went away within a couple of weeks Thank God.

It's up to you how you want to go at it. I'd suggest 5% Minox and regenepure definitely. These are pretty mild and safe treatments. Use that a couple of months. You probably won't see any significant improvement, but you'll see how your body is handling. Then after a couple of months, you can consider if you want to go on stronger Minox like Dr Susan's or Xandrax and if you want to try your chance at some dht blockers.

I don't know anything about Revivogen, but I don't think the pustule here think very highly of it. I've never heard it being recommended by anyone. Just know that any Dht blockers aside from fin, dut, spiro cream, Ru, cb, and saw palmetto (the mildest. won't be effecfive by itself. Regenepure has saw palmetto) won't likely make any significant difference. Lot of the herbal supplement stuff is just snake oil.