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10-25-2014, 01:51 AM
Similar issue

I recently had a FUE transplant of 3000 grafts and was careful in the post op.

However i feel like i made on mistake. Its now been 2 weeks and 2 days after the operation. I still wasn't rubbing my scalp with my hands while taking a bath. I used to pour a mixture of shampoo and water through cups. As a results i still had a lot of scabbing and crusts. Yesterday i touched my head (Scalp was dry, i did not run it under water.) i felt that most of the scabs were coming off with the hair. Since i had read that this usually happens i assumed it was normal and continued to gently massage my dry scalp with my fingers. The scabs were coming off along with the crust and a lot of hair came off along with them. Afterwards i realized that we are supposed to removed scab by using a wet towel and moisturizing the scalp first.
I removed the remainder of the of scabs with a wet towel and realized that they were coming off much more easily than when i was working on the dry scalp.The scalp is also slightly pink now. The shedding is also quite uneven. More scabs came off with hair from the region where i massaged when the scalp was dry. However i never forced any of them off and there was no bleeding. I did not use my nails at all.

My concern is that since i massaged the dry scalp i may hair removed the grafts along with the scab and the crust.

You can see in the attached photo that the hair in the front is fine (that is where i used the wet towel) and the hair in top left side of the photo is lesser ( that is where i dry massaged).

10-27-2014, 02:20 PM
Don't worry, you did not lose any of your grafts.

Whether you remove the crusts with a dry scalp or a wet scalp, that does not have a bearing on your grafts.

So it's good that you removed them at this point in time and eventually the regrowth will take place which is the best part of all and worth waiting for...;)

09-30-2015, 06:35 PM
Hi s12345
I hope you are fine
Would you give me update about your transplant surgery please?
I'm a little bet anxious because did the same thing that you did :(