View Full Version : Here's my current situation - pics included: I plan on getting a HT within 2 months

10-22-2014, 09:10 PM
Hey guys, so I'm 22 and my hairline has risen quite a bit. I'd say I'm a NW 2.5-3, you guys can judge by the pictures. I've consulted with 3 of NYC's top HT docs who are often mentioned on these forums, along with an experienced dermatologist to get advice. The consensus was split, One doctor said I should get it done and there wouldn't be a problem with donor hair, one doctor said it's my call but that I could have a bald patch when I'm older. The other HT doctor said don't do it till I'm much, much older. And the dermatologist said to get it done

So here's my plan. I can't tolerate propecia at all - I've tried RU, Propecia, Dut, and I get side effects with all 3. Right now I'm using the LaserCap which is LLT therapy, Rogaine Foam crown and hairline, Neogenic, Tricomin, and S5 cream. I'm pretty much doing all I can to maintain what I have without taking a strong DHT inhibitor.

My plan is to get my hairline restored a little bit with a transplant - just so I can comb my hair over without a NW3 temple being exposed. Then, when I'm older get another transplant. Then, if I run out of donor hair for my crown I could always wear a custom hair system just on the bald patch. This is granted that NONE of the stuff on CB, Histogen, etc pans out. If there are NO better alternatives to propecia 10-15 years from now, then that's the risk I guess I face. Anyway, I'd like your guys advice and feedback on my "plan". Here are 3 pictures. I blurred my face because I don't like posting pictures of myself on public websites.