View Full Version : Could a Varicocele affect hair loss?

10-21-2014, 05:28 PM
Hey guys, this may be a little strange to some but I figured this is still a pretty knowledgeable group. I was diagnosed by a urologist with a Varicocele when I was eleven, couple of years later my hair loss kicked into high gear. I'm not blaming this for my hair loss necessarily, but I think there could be a correlation.
I have an appointment with the urologist this week for a yearly checkup and it made me start thinking about it from this perspective. I would like to have a minor procedure to correct this issue, not that it really bothers me other than some minor discomfort occasionally. From what I've been reading though, having this done can create an increase in testosterone, which may increase my hair loss in turn. It may not affect it at all or may even help for all I know. Just thought I would get some opinions.

10-21-2014, 11:00 PM
I have one of those too. I have hair loss... but I doubt that it would have an appreciable effect on Hair loss. Since, T and DHT levels aren't necessarily the causative agent, but rather the androgen receptor on the follicles. If it *did* increase androgens, one would have to be predisposed to hair loss for it to affect the follicles. Even still, the causative agent isn't really there that it would increase androgens. Its just slightly impaired venous drainage from the testicle, which shouldn't affect the testosterone levels to an appreciable extent. That's all just theory though, weird things happen.