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11-10-2009, 01:09 PM
If there is anyone on this board that had to go through balding at a young age like me (I am 22), can someone please tell me how they were able to accept it? Or is it impossible to accept this horrid disease?

I have posted previously about my plan to have a HT done. Despite young age, I had done a lot of research and thought a small number of grafts could significantly improve my looks (i.e. lower hairline), but I guess I really was kidding myself. I decided to inspect my hair carefully after shower recently, and I had a shock of my life. Not only do I have a receding hairline (currently receded by about 1 inch), my entire crown and frontal area were thin. Wet hair really was able to give me a good picture of where I was heading.

If anyone had read my last post, I reported that I had seen a good result with Propecia+Minoxidil regimen Ė well, that was then, but I guess I am one of those horribly unfortunate people where the effect of the drug is EXTREMELY temporary. When I was about 4-5 months into my regimen, I had the best result with a fuller crown and a bit of new growth on the hairline, but that is fading off quickly and there is overall thinning all throughout.

I am severely depressed. Iím only 22, just got hired and was about to start a new chapter in life, and then thisÖ
I havenít slept for the past 2 days straight, just researching on this topic and educating myself that HT really isnít for everyone. Since Iím no longer responding to Propecia and Minoxidil, and with a hairloss pattern that recently started to become more aggressive than ever, I really have no where to turn now. Just as I am writing this, a few of my hair has fallen on my desk Ė if you can call them hair. They are so miniaturized that they are hardly visible.

I knew I had the bald gene and accepted that Ė what had helped me get through each day was hope that my current regimen would allow me to at least keep what I have (not happening anymore), and the fact that I could restore my appearance by turning to HT when the time came. With that gone, I have nothing that I can hope for. At this rate, I could be well into NW5 or 6 in the next 2 years. Oh, and I have naturally fine and sparse hair, even when I was a kid. Perfect combination.

For the past few weeks, I havenít looked myself into the mirror for longer than 2 seconds. When I catch a glimpse of myself, I feel destroyed and my heart just sinks. I have a big reunion with some school friends, and I canít bear the throughout of showing myself like this. I thought about alternative ways Ė Avodart, stronger Minoxidil, or maybe even a wig. I will not risk being sterile to keep my hair, even if the probability is extremely low, and as for wigs Ė I wonít be fooling anyone. Iíve already received many comments about how I am balding. Turning up with a full head of hair one day would have them inspecting my hair and discovering that I am one of those ďlosersĒ that are unable to accept themselves Ė well I guess I am exactly that.

My so called best friend and I were outside recently and he pointed at a bald man nearby and said ďare you gonna end up like that? Thatís so digusting.Ē DigustingÖ

So please, can someone please help me learn how to cope with this? How am I supposed to lead a normal life when I canít even look at myself in the mirror, let alone be seen outside without a cap? If youíve experienced this, how did you learn to deal with it?

11-10-2009, 01:47 PM
I'm really sorry to hear that you are going through this. I understand fully your position. I am 22 also, and have been dealing with hair loss when I first noticed it. I have been up many countless nights hoping that this disease will end, but ever since being apart of the bald truth community, I've learned that there is hope.

I am currently doing really well with my combination of Finasteride, Laser Comb, Nizoral shampoos, and PRP. I have done everything I can to stop my hairloss and I have. Remember that sometimes you will have random sheds when on Propecia, how long have you been on it? Plus I know there is a possible shed period when on Minoxidil which means it is working.

I also notice that when I am doing something about my hair loss (such as laser combing or shampooing) that I feel better and feel like I am being proactive, which helps. Lastly, I have a lot of faith in Jesus, and daily I thank him for the hair I do have and everything good in my life and to please halt my hair loss. I know that some people might call me crazy or disagree, but I believe everything good comes from him and it does help me cope with hair loss. Of course this is all personal, but it all has worked out for me.

I might also suggest to try PRP as I did. Although very new, I believe this treatment will at the very least help stop your hair loss. You could try this once and if you don't feel like it worked, you would be out of very little.

Please have hope, there is a bright future for more treatments to be available in the horizon. Don't stop fighting.


11-10-2009, 02:02 PM
You do indeed sound desperate. I know having hair is important, but that is not ALL there is in life. You are basing your entire worth on how much or how little hair you have and allowing your physical genetic trait to affect your emotional disposition. Each one of us has something to deal with - believe me!

Hopefully you have been in contact with a reputable hair replacement surgeon who is taking your concerns seriously. Results from Propecia can take months before you see the benefits. Are you not a candidate for surgery? I realize you are young, and many doctors hesitate to commit to surgery because of your youthful age. You said your friend teased you about your future of being bald...Some people don't realize how sensitive we are about different things. All I can say is, carry on and laugh along. If people judge you solely by your hair, they are shallow and not worth your time!!!

Best of luck,
B Stilwell, RN

Doctor representative for Dr. Mark Baxa

11-10-2009, 02:19 PM
hey man, hang in there. Im 10 months on propecia and my hair still doesnt look great. How long have you been on it, i would say give it two years, and as i can attest to just from 10 months, there are ups and downs. Also hair my seem like a big deal now, but after u lose it or shave it off, you may find you dont care. Im 25 i have two friends in there 20s who have been bald for some time, and you know what? They each have smoking hot girlfriends, that they got after they went bald. I know it sucks, i get upset sometimes too, but just hang in there and things will get better with or without your hair. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!

11-10-2009, 10:59 PM
Hey FCK,

There are some excellent words of encouragement and insight here, and although they are only words, I certainly hope that they can, along with my own words, help to keep your spirits and attitude uplifted, even despite the emotionally and physically taxing experience of hair loss. We're all with you, man; this is truly a place for empathy. I know you have posted here on numerous occasions, and have read many posts, so you're aware that no one here is going to tell you to "get over it" or to "stop being so vain". What we can do is help give you the support and tools needed to get past this disease, whether it is the form of acceptance (I know that it hard to read) if your hair loss wins in your battle against it, or the continuance of some path of medical treatment or cosmetic treatment.

I noticed you are 22 years old. And, I know the last thing you may want to hear is how young you are. So, bear with me in saying that you are indeed very young. I am 36, and from my own personal struggles with hair loss for 10 years now, I can tell you for a fact that as your life progresses, what is important to you (yes, including hair) will change. When I was in my 20s, I wanted everything, including the same youthful hair I have always had. I started to lose my hair when I was about 25, and compounded with the fact that I am a substantially short male (only 5'1"), you can imagine that my devastation was severe. I had no interest -- NONE -- in being a short bald guy. I immediately had a hair transplant surgery (big mistake, I was led down this path by a large awful clinic -- Bosley!), and I have had 2 more since then (fortunately from IAHRS doctors). But even with 5,000 grafts to date, I'll never have the same hair I had as a teen/early 20 year old. It's very clear that I have lost hair, even with my quality hair transplants.

But now that I am well into my 30s, I have realized a solid change in my mindset. Today my attitude is no longer "I want everything", instead it is this: "If I haven't all the things I want, I am grateful for things I don't have that I wouldn't want". No matter how hard that may seem to swallow, I promise you'll feel the same way, or some similar way, as you age and as your mind ages along with you, and as the other avenues of your life begin to skyrocket, like your career. Hair loss, though painful, will begin to subside in light of the other dimensions of your life.

I have always equated hair loss to a swift, elongated kick in the nuts. And it seems you are feeling it, hard. Even if you are down for the count against the medications, don't give up yet; it sounds as though you still have hair worth fighting for. FIGHT! Also, don't discard the other potential avenues of treatment. There is nothing wrong with a hair system, if you choose to try this route. WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS THINK? This is about making yourself feel good; not about others. A hair system does NOT mean you have to replenish 100% of your hair; you could wear a system that replenishes some degree of your hair, but integrates well with your hair loss pattern naturally, in the same way that a hair tranplant has it limitations. My hair transplants only replenish some degree of hair, of course, so I look like I have some coverage, but it is clear I have had some hair loss as well. Have you tried cosmetic concealers, such as Toppik or Dermatch? Together with the continuance of medications, you may be able to conceal your hair loss. And, as you get older, 30s, 40s, etc., depending on how you feel and your state of emotions related to your hair, you will always have hair transplant surgery as an option. Have you seen some the results that clinics such as Hasson & Wong have created? They seem to do so much with so little, so, even if you are concerned with limited donor hair, some moderate coverage may be very attainable, and when you hit your 30s/40s, you'll probably be very content with some coverage. And who knows? Maybe we'll see the magic bullet cure in our lifetime.

No matter what I say, or anyone, though, we can't erase your current emotional landscape, especially as a young man. But keep fighting, stay proactive, and try to focus your mindshare on your new chapter of life, your career, and your happiness, and everything will fall into place; hair or no hair. You are not alone! Hair loss is not worth putting your life on hold. **** hair loss. Realize that people that tease you about it, or make openly cruel jokes, have their own pains that they too are dealing with, if not hair loss, but that you're too good of a man to lash back at them. Instead vent out against hair loss as often as you need, and rid yourself of the harmful attitude toxins that it taints us with, so you can live what you deserve -- an enjoyable, peaceful, successful life.

And hey, something that helps me is tuning into The Bald Truth radio show every week. It's such a comfortable, empathetic community for hair loss sufferers, the only one I have ever found that tells it like it is. Why not tune in (you can tune in via the Internet)? Maybe even call in. My whole attitude about hair loss has radically changed since I have found the radio show, and even though I am still bothered by my hair loss, I find myself so much more at ease with it.

Keep your spirits up, brother. We're always here when you need us.


11-11-2009, 01:01 AM
Hey man, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I'm 23, and I've been losing my hair for the past 2 years. And everything you just said applies to me, also. I know that feeling where you want to avoid every mirror in the world, and when you do actually get a glimpse of yourself, the only thing you see is your hair. And don't get me started about seeing people that you haven't seen in awhile. Holiday time is the worst for me. All the friends and family members that haven't seen me in a year or two just tell me I look different - more mature. And that was last year. This year, my hairline is even worse, and there's almost no way I can hide it anymore.

I actually hit an emotional low last winter. I didn't want to see anyone, and I didn't want to anyone to see me. I stayed holed up in my apartment for days at a time. I didn't even want to live. It was the one time in my life where I felt like life wasn't worth it anymore - that death could have made everything better. Luckily for me, I didn't go further than superficial thoughts of that kind. I forgot how I got out of my funk, but it slowly began to improve. Don't get me wrong, I still am terribly affected by my hair loss, but I can hope that the worst of it is behind me.

And despite all the excellent advice from hairloss veterans here, I still can't shrug off the pain that I feel on a daily basis. I KNOW how to go about thinking about hairloss. But, I just can't actualize it. I guess it's just a process that everyone has to go through. There are no shortcuts, and we simply have to let time do its job and allow us to cope.

11-11-2009, 03:00 AM
Thank you guys for the great replies. It's embarrassing to admit as a grown man, but reading your words of encouragement brought tears... I really hope the society is easier on us. Even my family members make harsh comments about my hair (my sister didn't want me near her workplace in case her coworkers see how she's got a "balding loser brother"), and my friends are not afraid to crack bald jokes whenever I forget to hide my bald spot. I guess it's human nature. I am the only one in my social circle with any balding, so I guess I do stick out like a sore thumb.

To address some questions about my regimen, it's been nearly 13 months since I've started taking Propecia and Minox (5% twice daily). I was ecstatic and so thankful that I was responding so well - by my 4th month, I had quite a noticeable regrowth, but I've lost ground again and now worse than before starting the above treatments. For the past few months, I've been doing nothing except studying constantly for an important examination as part of my new job, so I stopped going to the gym as well (I was an avid runner). Who knows, maybe that also played a part.

While no words will ever make me feel the same about myself before hairloss, I'm grateful that there is a place where I can just be completely honest about how I feel and receive support that not even my family or best friends will give.

Hair is our second biggest organ, and losing it is so apparent externally that the emotional trauma is something that non-balding people find hard to understand. And because it's gradual, it only gets worse and worse. How would people feel if a part of their body gradually disfigured and they couldn't hide it?

11-11-2009, 06:49 PM
Your friends and family sound like complete dicks, shallow and worthless individuals every one of them...... and sorry to hear that man. I'm 20 and dealing with this shit, so I know how depressing and soul destroying it can be. But at the end of the day it's just hair. I like to believe that something as minor and common as hair-loss isn't enough to drastically affect my life. Happiness comes from within ect ect. Also at least we're not crippled, or burned.

I find perspective helps.


Life is good.


P.S. if my sister pulled that with me I'd take clippers to her, a nice bald stripe down the middle would shut her shallow ass up. :D but that's just me, and I'm pretty immature.

11-11-2009, 07:33 PM
Your friends and family sound like complete dicks, shallow and worthless individuals every one of them...... and sorry to hear that man. I'm 20 and dealing with this shit, so I know how depressing and soul destroying it can be. But at the end of the day it's just hair. I like to believe that something as minor and common as hair-loss isn't enough to drastically affect my life. Happiness comes from within ect ect. Also at least we're not crippled, or burned.

I find perspective helps.


Life is good.


P.S. if my sister pulled that with me I'd take clippers to her, a nice bald stripe down the middle would shut her shallow ass up. :D but that's just me, and I'm pretty immature.
Jesus Christ... that is going to make me depressed for awhile. Life in prison is too good for those two pieces of shit. I seriously think that if someone does this type of thing, it should be an automatic death sentence.

11-11-2009, 07:41 PM
I'm also in a similar situation with propecia and minoxidil 5%. weird. I'm 19 and feel your pain too. That's really shitty with your sister dude. I wonder if Darwin was inspired to write "On the Origin of Species" because of his hair loss. I just watched a documentary on him and he was completely bald by 20.

11-12-2009, 10:33 AM
The one thing that I have learned from being a part of this community and from listening to Spencer Kobren is that we can all get through this. I read as much as I can on the internet including all of the blogs and forums and this is the most caring, friendly community there is. The one blog that I read alot is a doctors who has good knowledge but it is very cold and uncaring. While coming here or listening to Kobrenís show does not make me completely forget about my hair, it helps me cope and that means alot to me.
Youíll be okay, and will eventually find your best way to cope. One thing I would tell you is to not hide away from life. Call Kobren, talk to him about what you are feeling, he has a way of putting things into perspective that almost makes you feel better about being a part of all of this. I now that sounds crazy, but itís true, itís almost like hypnotherapy or something. I would tell your sister to go screw herself too!

11-12-2009, 01:43 PM
I know the pain and torment that baldness can cause. At 19 years of age and just starting college I was losing my hair. My father owned a business and all of his workers made fun of me and I was humiliated. I am now 44 years of age and have been botched by Doctors in the 1980's. I wore hairpieces from age 28 to 42. I have been undergoing successful corrective surgery by Dr Ray Woods in Australia. He is the only Dr. that has helped me. It will get easier for you but I must warn you that the scars that baldness causes are for a lifetime. I feel better now at 44 since Dr Woods has been helping me than I did at 20. However I lost all of my youth going through this. Psychologists did not really help, the Dr's MHR, Brandy, & NU Hart nearly ruined me. For 25 years now I have thought 24 hours a day about my hair. It will get better for you but being brutally honest it will leave a scar psychologically forever. My own father was 57 when he started wearing a hairpiece. I also have heard of people in their 80's having transplants. Hang in there though and do not give up. One last thing. The employees that laughed at me in 1984- My father sold the business - They lost their jobs and I got the money and invested in stocks and am now mostly retired at 44. It is Karma- What comes around goes around. Those people who laughed at you will have their turn to cry too. Believe it!!

11-12-2009, 05:14 PM

your story really touched me. I can't express how sorry I felt that you had to undergo 25 years of nonstop torment. I think I know that feeling you are going through. I remember when I first started losing my hair (a little over 2 years ago) and although it wasn't that bad or severely noticeable, I knew it was happening.

I couldn't believe the reality of it, and when I found a random forum online and it said there was no hope, I was devastated. I thought about nothing but hair loss and felt like I was going to lose my youth. That me being once a really attractive person will now completely change. That is the feeling I was facing, and I couldn't imagine that going on for the rest of my life.

But.... thank God I found hope and got on Finasteride and have stayed completely proactive about hairloss and do whatever it takes to get help. Thank God for good doctors and new innovative treatments that has helped me keep my hair. I only wish that you would have had that opportunity to stop your hairloss and then not grow up during the "plug" age.

Also, I do see some good in your situation. Even though you went through this terrible pain, I feel God has blessed you beyond measures. You have your hair back and you will have that appreciation, fulfillment, and reassurance of living with your real hair for the rest of your life that you would have never had if you didn't go through this hell. Sometimes going through something horrible makes you appreciate how valuable that thing is.

44 is not old and you said you seem to be well off. I say make these next 25 years fulfilling and enjoy your life to the fullest. Thank you for sharing your story and helping me appreciate more the opportunities I have today.


11-13-2009, 12:27 AM
Hi Destin: I wish to thank you for your kind thoughts. I could not have said it better myself. I agree life is getting better each day. I too am on Propecia and it has really helped along with the corrective surgery. I hope for you and all hair loss sufferers that science and medical improvements continue and that God gives peace to all who suffer from the severe psychological issues with hair loss. Thanks again, Good luck and keep up the faith. :)

11-13-2009, 03:34 AM
Faith? i prefer inner-strength, god is doing the smiting in this case, definitely not the healing lol. he smote me real good, in fact hes smiting the hair right off my head. :D though science may bring me back from this nightmare.

11-13-2009, 08:30 AM
I understand your feelings. In 1987 I burnt the bible and cursed everyone including God. It got worse. Have faith in whatever or whomever you believe in but for me God gives and takes. Science can only go so far. I feel in a way that medical science ruined me in the 1980's by botched surgeries more than plain baldness. I think that there is truth in Samson & Delilah. I lost my strength to baldness and now am recovering slowly. In my case I prayed to God and my mom who died in 2002 ( She knew all about my depression and botched surgeries when she was alive) For me I found Dr Woods and it is getting better. Remember though the scars of baldness and bad surgeries are for a lifetime. But do whatever works for you. I am just happy that something positive is finally for me working. Best of luck to all.

11-13-2009, 01:16 PM

I am 22 and thin on top as well. My dad's entire side of the family is bald and I go between acceptance and denial that my hair is thinning out. I've spent countless hours looking on the internet for a solution which has only served to prolong the anxieties which I hoped to alleviate by finding Ďthe cureí.

We're now a society which worships youth, good looks and material acquisition over wisdom, temperance and understanding of the human condition. Going bald is a huge anxiety for all human life walking the planet. I still see the sting in my dad and uncles eyes when theyíre picked on for having no hair on their head. Of course they donít base their entire worth on this planet based on the number of hairs on their head. A true man will not lose faith in life because of superficial problems. As I see it, going bald can either beat you down or it could serve as a character building experience in your life.

As for your sister FCK, that really unfortunate she canít feel sympathy and bases your worth in such a superficial way. Itís necessary to have a trustworthy base of friends and family to help you out in hard times. That is what bald truth is about, correct? I think spencer kobren is a good man for creating this community and facilitating an honest discussion amidst all the snake oil and lies which pervade the treatment of hair loss. Buck up FCK, your not alone.. Im 22 and clearly balding. As long as you keep a good head on your shoulders, follow the golden rule you will learn to accept your fate.

11-22-2009, 12:41 PM
I would like to thank all of you who replied to this thread.

I really was having a very low moment. I did end up going to the reunion, and had a great time. I did take the advice of some forum members who suggested methods of covering bald spots (e.g. Toppik). While such methods will not lower my already receded hairline, it did wonders for my crown area, and I think the most important thing is that I felt a lot more confident.

In any case, I am still learning to cope with balding, but I decided to not shut myself out from life. It really is a life long learning process.

11-30-2009, 06:20 AM
i just turned 21. I feel your pain. Every last drop of it....
Honestly i have views on Hairloss treatments that infuruate me. I mean think of it this way, why would we want to find a cure for hairloss? All the gimmicks and helping gadgets,procedures, pills and shit make this damn industry a multi billion industry. IF there is/was a Permanent fix for this thing then all the companies that own and market treatments would go down the drain. The doctors that specialize in doing transplants would be out of a job. It would be the worst day for anyone that profits from "Anti" hairloss products and procedures..... Just my view on how F*cked we, the victim of the disease, really are. We are all in the same boat man. Ive been losing my hair since i was 18, and idk wtf to do anymore.

Just really quick, you know whats worse than being bald in your 20's???
.... Being in your 20's and being impotent lol.
I sure as hell aint taking any chances with propecia.

11-30-2009, 08:02 PM
that may be true to an extent, but there is still a FAT pot of gold waiting for the company that does cure baldness.

12-12-2009, 10:49 PM
Hey folicallychallenged,

I read your post and I can completely relate. I'm a 21 year old college student experiencing the same thing as you. Honestly, I'd like someone that I can talk to about my problem and you seem like the right person. Any chance I could get your email? If you're worried about posting your real email on here, just create a new account with yahoo or gmail and I'll email that new account. Hope you hear back from you soon, thanks.

12-13-2009, 02:30 AM
I feel your pain, and if I may share my opinion, I'll recommend that you shave your head.

Why, you ask? Won't that make you completely bold?

What shaving your head will do is shift your perspective, and that of everyone around you. Going bald is not a choice. You look and feel helpless. Shaving your head, on the other hand, is a choice. In doing so you will feel like you have control over the stuff that grows on your head. It won't be there because YOU DECIDED so.

Also, a shaved head is normally associated with tough, masculine types (think military men, or Vin Diesel type dudes).

That's my suggestion. If you do it, stand strong and don't let people bring you down. If someone comments on your head, casually say that you shave your head because you like it better that way.

12-13-2009, 03:19 PM
I agree. If you don't look awful with a buzzcut, you should go for it.

12-14-2009, 09:04 AM
Wishfulthinking, feel free to email me (darknight852@gmail.com).

I've recently gone through a huge shedding and now the hair on top of my head is miniaturized noticeably. The hair that falls on my desk and pillow are tiny, vellus hair. After taking the shower today, I took a close look at what's going on (which I've resisted since I knew I was in for a shock), and I almost had a heart attack seeing bare scalp on the entire top my head. Looks like balding is on its full course now.

I'm still taking Propecia everyday and applying Minox twice a day. But I am a clear example of someone who hasn't responded wonderfully to these drugs. Often times, many balding guys put too much hopes into these drugs. Sure, they are the only FDA approved drugs, and yes, they are probably your best bet in slowing down balding, but they are no magic potions - I hope my posts can instill some sense of reality into desperate guys (like myself) and to start their regimen with a realistic expectations in mind.

To answer those of you who have suggested shaving - I've been cursed with both very odd (and uneven) shaped head + balding gene. Besides, my job requires a lot of face time with big clients, and the environment is extremely conservative. I don't think a shaved look will be loved much in the office.

What a difference a year makes...
3-4 months into my Propecia/Minox regimen, I was ecstatic with the result. My crown was filling, and even my hairline started to show vellus hairs that weren't there before. I think my results peaked in at the 6-7th month, and then it started to go downhill very fast. Browsing through the web, it looks like I am not the only one with this kind of result, and I'd really like to know why a certain group responds well to these drugs, while others don't respond at all (and then there are people like me who respond very well briefly, then end up being worse).

From tomorrow, I am going to start doing some intense cardio. I used to do this briefly during the first 2 months of starting Propecia/Minox regimen, and maybe that played a part in the initial success I saw. If anything, it will be good for my healthy anyway. If this doesn't help slow down my balding, then I may look into getting a hair piece. Perhaps its the desperation, perhaps its my heightened sense of helplessness, but my attitude towards wearing a hair piece has changed drastically these days.

And of course, thank you to the BaldTruth community members for your continued support.


12-14-2009, 10:54 AM
Hang in there FCK! Ití's common for people to go through a shed after several months of being in these drugs. I went through a shed myself at around 7 month on Propecia and after about a year into it it all grew back. Itís not over until itís over so hang in there and stay on the meds!

12-15-2009, 09:45 AM
Hang in there FCK! Ití's common for people to go through a shed after several months of being in these drugs. I went through a shed myself at around 7 month on Propecia and after about a year into it it all grew back. Itís not over until itís over so hang in there and stay on the meds!

Thanks, Zao. I will be staying on the drugs.

Do you mean that its common for people to experience ANOTHER shedding after the initial shed?

I experienced a MASSIVE shed in just 3 weeks after starting my Propecia/Minox regimen. I didn't freak out then because I had researched on this and was looking forward to having them grow back thicker. They did, for about 8 months. Now, I am almost 14 months into the treatements and losing ground again. This time, I'm not having a massive shed like before, but my hair on top are going through miniaturization overall, and the hair that do fall off are tiny vellus hair (was not the case before). Could I be having another (temporary) shed? Or does this mean the drugs are no longer working for me?

Perhaps the fact that I responded so quick to the drug also means the wearing off comes quicker? I am obviously not a doctor, but I just can't understand how the drugs were so effective for a while, and then lose their effectiveness all of a sudden.


12-15-2009, 02:45 PM
I encourage you to map your scalp for miniaturization. I go through the same thing, one day thinking that things are good, the next thinking that they are the worst. I felt I needed a more scientific way of deciding what was working then my own subjective view of things, which often had more to do with my mood on a particular day than anything else. I also vowed to not let my hair dictate whether I was happy, and went to see a psychiatrist. Its been helpful, provided you find the right one.

12-15-2009, 03:22 PM
I encourage you to map your scalp for miniaturization. I go through the same thing, one day thinking that things are good, the next thinking that they are the worst. I felt I needed a more scientific way of deciding what was working then my own subjective view of things, which often had more to do with my mood on a particular day than anything else. I also vowed to not let my hair dictate whether I was happy, and went to see a psychiatrist. Its been helpful, provided you find the right one.

Hey California, how exactly has the psychiatrist helped you? My parents were pushing me to go to psych counseling last winter when I hit rock bottom, but I honestly couldn't see how they can help me. I felt like everything they can tell me, I try to tell myself, but just can't actualize. Are you on anti-depressants also?

12-15-2009, 06:00 PM
I am, and I am also doing work for OCD, which is essentially what all of this is. I recommend a book called "when panic attacks" by dr david burns.

12-18-2009, 02:29 AM
I feel you young guys' pain-- when I was 20, not even old enough to hit the bars, the hair around my temples receded and got thinner. It happened in just a few months--the curse of heredity was like a time bomb. A hair restoration specialist said I'd lost about 30% of my hair. I got on Propecia right away, and it stabilized and I even regrew some.

I was really devastated and equated hair loss to attractiveness loss. My self-esteem took a nose dive and I became obsessed with my hair line. Then a funny thing happened. I realized my girlfriend still wanted me. In fact, she became even more into me over time.

I didn't understand it then but now at 30, looking back at the beautiful women I've dated (and I've dated more than many of my hairy friends), I've realized two things. Hair line is only a very small part of your attactiveness to many girls. And the big one-- some girls REALLY dig bald guys. I'm completely serious. 9 times out of 10, if their father is bald, and you are an attractive balding man with good things going for you, you are getting pursued, my friend. Over half of the women I've dated had bald fathers. Other features like personality, fitness, and confidence have more to do with your attractiveness than hairline. You just may turn off certain girls, but those girls you can live without, when you're getting action from the ones who dont know why they're so attracted to you.

01-04-2010, 11:04 PM
Hey Wishfulthinking I'm 19 and going through same thing if you want to talk im at blam_020@hotmail.com or www.facebook.com/cadyn.binns I'm more than happy to talk about everything. This goes for anyone who wants to share experiences :)