View Full Version : ii can't take propecia-what can i do?

10-17-2014, 04:21 AM
I am a 52 year old guy who has suffered from hair loss for over 25 years.To be honest it's ruined my life and has spoilt my relationships with close relatives,because it made me so depressed.I wore a wig for a few years but felt like a fake and was always worried about people finding out,and didn't know what to do when I had a girlfriend-should I keep quiet and thereby deceive her and live a lie or should I tell her and not only risk getting dumped but also that she would tell everyone about my predicament.Unfair though this is,the fact is that wearing a wig is not socially acceptable, as many people consider guys who wear them a fit subject for mockery.I had a transplant when I was 43;the doctor did a very good good job and I was able to discard the hairpiece.Unfortunately,the avodart/dutasteride which he recommended to prevent further hair loss worked very well but caused me to suffer erectile dysfunction-and there's not much point improving my appearance if I am incapable of having sex with a woman.Even more unfortunately,propecia,which seemed to work,also had the same effect-it does for a very small minority of guys like myself with exceptionally poor genes.Even minoxidil began to have that effect -which is rare-I am very unfortunate.(I am sure that it the hair loss treatments that are having this effect as I haven't taken medication for depression for a few years now)I had another transplant in 2012 which greatly improved my hairline but since then the hair behind it,in the mid section and the crown has thinned considerably to the extent that I have to use 3 or 4 times as much concealer as I did a year ago and I feel almost as much of a fake as I did when i wore a wig.I am also concerned about skin cancer on the scalp,from which concealer provides no protection.I am in despair;according to reputable people like Spex and others,propecia and minoxidil(plus nizoral shampoo,which isn't,in my experience, effective on its own) are the only things that work,but what can somebody like me-who can't use them- do?I have been told that there will be new treatments out-in 10 years time-but I'll be 62 by then if I'm still alive!Can anyone suggest anything other than suicide(believe me,I've considered it,but I can't do it cos of the effect it would have on my parents),shaving my head and therefore looking like a chemotherapy patient,or wearing a hairpiece again?I have seen har voske,recoverup,advecia and provillus mentioned,but they could be- and probably are-scams.I'm so desperate I'm thinking of getting a hairmax laser comb although I have very little hope that this'll work