View Full Version : Examples of young men who were suitable hair loss candidates

10-16-2014, 04:09 PM
Hello everyone,

I was curious if anyone would be willing to post me some links to men who were young at the time of transplant, but suitable to have it done.

I am currently 24 years old. My hair loss has remained pretty stable since I started propecia (2 years ago). My only concern is along the frontal regions of my hair it is thin and "stringy" looking. I hope to one day have this region density packed to allow for more styling options. Ideally it is something I would like to address in my 20s because it takes up a serious amount of my time thinking about.

Thanks for all of your help!

10-17-2014, 03:54 AM
I think it might be difficult for forum members to show examples for you but at 24 and stabilized on Propecia you might be a candidate it really is a case by case scenario as you seem to understand.

Of course different clinics and Doctors have different protocols as to who is and who isn't a candidate at your age and that will depend on you. To give you an idea of what clinics will be considering are the following.

What is your Norwood pattern now and possible progression?

What the male members of your family look like in terms of loss?

Are you taking meds and for how long, has that stabilized things, ie are you still loosing more hair?

What is the density of your donor hair?

How many donor hairs you have to move now and how many in the future to address further loss

Laxity if looking at fut.

What are your expectations for hairline position does this fit something that the clinic thinks is appropriate for you now and in the future.

Texture of your hair.

There are other factors to consider by the clinic also but this gives you an idea. Of course not all clinics will go through this thought process and some will happily get you in the chair and give you want you want today rather than concern themselves whether it will look appropriate in the future. You need to remember that hair loss is progressive and Propecia is not guaranteed to keep the hair in the frontal area so further would seem highly likely the million dollar question is how soon that day will be.

You need to take some clear photos of your situation and contact a range of clinics that are on your short list and see what the varying recommendations will be. Ideally have some in person consultations. Good luck.