View Full Version : better or worse? i dont get it!

10-16-2014, 11:17 AM
so i've stopped using finasteride due to sides,like i said before and starting using nizoral + minoxidil (probably will stop the first,because makes my head spin and my neck is itching like hell,the latter seems to have vanished his own magic effect long ago but i'm still using it) but.....

i dont get what kind of strange situation i'm in . I got a lot of dots of what seems to be sleeping hair,they seems to be thicker but they're not growing. I might add that my scalp is still greasy as **** when it comes to using nizoral in 2 days i'm back to my normal incredibly lucid skin.

but back to the hair.... they're there but they're not growing.

The transplanted looks fine (ugh,fine,they were supposed to be 2800 or so and they are definitley less...i know it) but the little point on the vertex of my head - the original few hair remaining on the area - have started to have little circles of skin that seems of different color.

I will lose them along with the sleeping hair if they're not gone for good already?
what do you guys think?

ps. i'll post my picture ASAP