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11-09-2009, 08:00 AM
Hi guys, i hear abt many HT undergoers talking about shock loss. However, i am quite confused as to has anyone had shock loss and was unable to recover from that?

I mean, the worst thing that can happen is your transplanted hair not growing and YOUR CURRENT AND EXISTING HAIR GONE...

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Very much appreciated!!!

11-09-2009, 10:16 AM
I personally don't know of any shock loss here from Dr. Arocha's office, but here's a link to a blog post from his point of view on the subject (http://drarocha.wordpress.com/2009/11/04/shock-loss/).

Hope this helps shed a little light on the subject.

11-09-2009, 10:25 AM

Shockloss is something that can be experienced when transplanting into existing hair although highly unpredictable. Shockloss occurs when the native hair is weak and isn't strong enough to resist the trauma thats going on around it. More often than not the hair that has gone into shock will grow back but after 3/4 months - after the resting phase
Hair that goes into shock and doesn't return is hair that was inevitably on its way out anyway and wasn't strong enough to return.
Increased trauma to a localised area will increase the chances of shockloss
Shockloss is unpredictable and there is no hard and fast rule to avoiding it - especially if you are transplanting into existing hair.

There are risk factors that either heighten or lessen someone's risk. Diffuse thinners seem more prone to shockloss than receders because the hair in a diffuse area is often less stable than that of a receder. Very often, a lot of the hair in a diffuse area is "on its last legs" and in the latter stages of the miniaturization process.

Be aware that everyone is different! We ALL heal and grow at different time scales.

11-09-2009, 10:36 AM
Spex, very true about everyone healing and growing on their own pace, probably one of the most important factors regarding this subject.