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10-14-2014, 07:55 PM
Its been years since I have cut my hair short.. by age 25 I could no longer use a 4 or 5 and keep it one length. Basically I have been cutting and styling my hair not for looks but basically to hide the dissapearing hair as much as possible. But at this point, its noticeable in person and its not fooling anyone close up. The most noticeable is on the front right of my head and the back middle. The front right is just very stringy and thin and cant be combed anything but back. The back if my head is just your typical thining. Not a clear bald spot yet but very thin and has to be covered as much as possible with multiple attempts with a second mirror. Again, nine times outta ten someone who walks by will be able to notice is pretty easily.

I have been telling myself I would go and see a professional for 3-4 years but keep putting it off for some reason. At age 24, I was prescribed propecia but stopped taking it after 9 months because I was worried about the side effects that could be permanent. I looked into rogain but at the time was warned that it could worsen the thinning temporarily and for some reason I could never get over that. I felt the thinning subsided a bit but over the last 6 months I have noticed some more. The very nice lady who always cuts my hair is always saying "oh your hair looks thicker" but even this last time being as nice and sweet as she is, said oh wow your hair is thinning, you should look into some of these hair products we have." She then mentioned that her husband was going to Bosley for a consultation. This was the final straw for me.

I do not want to sound like an arrogant punk but in this case money isn't a concern really. If its a procedure that costs 8-10k but it brings back most of the hair I lost, I'd do that in a heart beat. I'd rather just do it all right now then mess with shampoos and topical treatments only to wait and do a surgerical procedure 3-4 years down the road.

My question for you guys is.. where do I start? I was going to look up the professionals in my area or just simply schedule a consultation and Bosley and see what they say. When flying I always see adds for non scarring procedures and the world leader in hair restoration, etc etc so I don't mind traveling a bit.

Basically to summarize, from a far and in pitchers my hair loss isnt too noticeabe. Close up there is no hiding it. Before it gets really bad, I would like to take care of it and do not mind spending top dollar. Again, 8-10k lump payment and out the door with good hair (I know most take 6 months to show signs) would be a great deal to me and I'd do it immediately. My gameplan was to just go to Bosley but I figured you guys could help steer me in a better direction, if available.

Thank you for your time and I apologize for wordiness. I am attempting to attach pics, my apologies if they don't work. The front I spent a lot of time combing.. the back was a little damp with hair spray. Again the pics look a lot better in the front than it does in person. I will add some more showing it wet right after washing. 35347353483534935350

10-14-2014, 10:26 PM
If you want to go the transplant route I would suggest you find a IAHRS hair restoration surgeon in your area and schedule an appointment. This is your best course of action especially if money is no object. Avoid Bosley. Just tell the surgeon what you would like and he will tell you if it is possible, if he recommends propecia, etc.

10-14-2014, 10:42 PM
Thank you for your reply. If you don't mind, can you explain why to avoid Bosley and use a IAHRS? Not that I'm questioning, but just curious..

10-14-2014, 11:42 PM
Thank you for your reply. If you don't mind, can you explain why to avoid Bosley and use a IAHRS? Not that I'm questioning, but just curious..

I have no personal experience with either, but supposedly Bosley did a lot of bad work in the past. Spencer Kobren says they have gotten better, but if money is not an object then I would personally go with the best. That is where the IAHRS comes in. The doctors in the IAHRS have to go through a screening process before they are accepted in. If I decide that I am ready to get a transplant, I would go to one of these doctors. As far as pricing goes, I am just assuming they are more expensive, I could be wrong. Just like anything else in life, unfortunately we usually get what we pay for.