View Full Version : 19 years old and no doubt going bald.

10-13-2014, 09:39 PM
Considering my on going battle with hairloss, i've decided it's time to reach out to other balding individuals as I now consider anyone in the war against MPB like a brother. Im going to leave out a lot of the emotional stuff because most people on this forum know EXACTLY what i am going through. With that being said, my hair started thinning at 15/16 years old. Pretty F'd up because I loved my hair at the time and to notice im going bald that young really corrupted my decision making from then on out. A couple years of denial as my hair slowely got shorter and shorter to the point now where my hairline and bald spot can no longer go unnoticed under a decent light. Been scamed a few times with some "miracle" pills before finally going with propecia. It has been one year since then and although i feel it helped, i am still thinning significantly. Use lipogaine as my minoxidil. And Regenpure dr as shampoo. Now believe RU58841 is my only hope. I am currently 19 at a university and bleeding fast men. Im seeking out ANY information and advice from anybody generous enough. Preferribly by those who have had success with RU5881 or people who have had better success with a different minoxidil drug. Pretty much anything i can do to atleast prevent this shit from getting worse.

-I'v been fighting this BS for 4 years and plan on fighting till my last breath/hairfollicle.

10-13-2014, 10:18 PM
Hello friend,
I am 23 and have had hair loss since also age 16 ( but I did not know until my ex fiancÚ insult me about it)

So it drive me into a depression until I finally save enough money for a blood transfusion & hair transplant ( I have hemophilia so I needed to have a transfusion first )

Before I did this, I regrown maybe 50% of my temples and they looked great, but I am diagnosed with OCD and couldn't deal with it anymore. So I saved up for 2 years and did it all on my own, I suggest making a piggy bank and doing this.

I had fantastic results using propecia 1% 15% minox 3 % acid in lotion form.
Have your docter write a prescription for this, go to a compound pharmacy and have them make it for you, or find a docter. I used to use dr. Klein but he recently passes away and now I'm just using 5% because I already had the surgery now and I'm on propecia.

I Used a derma roller before using minox, lightly, maybe 3 times a week
I use a shower cap after using minox, this creates an occlusion zone increase minox by 300% because does not evaporate.

I used to get dizzy, but eventually I got better
Actually don't do anything I just said because I'm not a docter and I don't know what im talking about I only know what I personally choose to put my body thru

I send u all my love friend
U r special