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10-11-2014, 07:03 PM
Long time lurker decided to make an account and ask for some advice.
Incoming wall of text

In the last 2 years I started having some recession at the temples. It really hurt my confidence. I'm currently a 2a (?). My only blood uncle has no hairloss, other than some mild diffuse thinning across, seems normal with aging. My father is a 2a but he's 54 so actually it looks good on him (his hair is still thicker then half my friends). My paternal grandfather is a norwood 5a.
Last year I decided to start finasteride and I take it daily. I've have mild to no side effects, other then the ball pain for like the first few days when i started taking it. My hair seemed to get thicker and now with certain styles it isn't possible to tell I have any hairloss. The thing is my hairline still looks bad. There is maybe a half-inch of thin hair on both sides that really bothers me. This has led me to decide on FUE transplant. My reasoning is that if I can get my hairline to 50 % of what I want it, and continue finasteride I could be a little less self-conscious about it. Hopefully in the next 10-20 years a really good treatment will come out for fixing hair, my outlook is to hang on to as much as I can until then. I know there is a stigma against HT at young ages(23), but I'm dead set on my decision. I've read alot about it and seen some really good results for people with similar hairlines to mine.

I was home for the weekend and earlier today I asked my mom if she would help me pay for a transplant I said it would cost 5-6k. She said she could put some money aside for me. I want to do it over Christmas break, then I can shave my and have it look natural growing out this next year. I also sent out an email to the Shapiro medical group in Minnesota, which I found through this forum.

I'm just looking for any words of advice or general thoughts from people who have done this and i'm pretty embarrassed talking about it, so sorry if it seems like i'm rambling.

10-12-2014, 01:35 PM
Post a pic .

You could be doing more harm than good