View Full Version : FUE or FUT & medications

10-10-2014, 09:17 PM
I'm planning to go for hair transplant in India. I heard doctors there do wonderful job at a very affordable price. But I'm not very sure how to choose the right doctor! Tried to research through reviews in the net but seems not enough. Online consultations with a few of them went very well & seems they are quite good, but that also got me confused about which method to apply! FUE or FUT. I'm nearly level 6 bald & my donor area is not very healthy either. Hair type is also very thin. Can anyone suggest what should be the more appropriate way of the procedure & more importantly can anyone provide me the list of top 5 hair transplant surgeons in India? Finally I saw the drug propecia has serious adverse side effects on sexual health. Is it really true? Do I need to take this med after the transplant? I don't want to invite other health problem while trying to solve one!