View Full Version : Frontal Revision or remove with laser? See picture

10-10-2014, 09:32 AM
NuHart messed me up 5 years ago buy putting 800 graft in the frontal using my coarse hair instead of breaking them up into fine single grafts. The hairline looks uniformed and ridiculous especially now that it has receded more.
Other surgeons are suggesting that I take off as much of it as I can by FUE but I would really prefer to find another method of removing them. I know laser isn't really permanent and electrolysis isn't any better. Should I just let them FUE them out? I would hate to have little white dots on that area. Has anyone done a revision in the front?
My other question is, will 1500 grafts be enough for me as most surgeons I've seen are suggesting? They're saying I should leave the top of my head alone and just put hair around it. They dont want to "chase that hair out". But it's thining. I would rather take care of it now than to go back again in a couple of years for another surgery. I was thinking just go with about 4000 grafts?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated