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10-06-2014, 05:20 PM
I'm positive this is a repost, but this is a nice song that a YouTube celeb, nicepeter (from Epic Rap Battles of History) made when he shaved his head.


The way it opens hits pretty close to home, "June 4th, 2005 will always be remembered..." as the day he noticed his hair loss. I'm sure some people will take issue with the line about him not taking propecia because ball ache weirded him out, but props for him for taking a stance like that, when he's got something to lose being such a public celeb. His comment in the description "I'm feeling a lot less shy since I made this, so I hope to see you here again soon." says to me that this video was very therapeutic to him.

Nice to see a pretty prominent guy do something like this, and still kick ass with his work well on after. Maybe even do better, I wouldnt be surprised if that psyche was holding him back. For reference he was 34 when he made this, and would have been about ~26 when he "confirmed his suspicions".

Just checked search, been posted 3 times before on this forum but gotten only 1 reply, so ****it I'm posting anyway.