View Full Version : I'm a little confused and could do with advice [Pictures provided]

10-06-2014, 02:09 PM
Hi guys, first off I just wanna say thanks to anyone who will help me out with this, its really bothering me lately.

I'm 22, and have always had a fairly mature widows peak, even at 15-16-17, it was high for my age, but I've always had a decent amount of hair on my head.

Some quick facts

My dad was completely bald by 19
His brothers the same
My mums side of the family cling onto their hair with a mature hairline
I have older cousins with full heads of hair

Now my scalp went through a VERY bad phase four months ago in which I had lumps on dry patches, white flaky and huge, that could only be scratched off. Unfortunately nothing worked, until my doctor prescribed me Nizoral 2%. Great! Not really. I went on to use it for FOUR months, after not reading the paper that came with it that said not to use it for that long, and that a side effect could be hair loss

I've provided a little timeline of pictures right until I started using Nizoral, as well as after:

Before Nizoral
Edit: I am aware that Nizoral can be used to treat hair loss. That isn't why I used it, as my hair was fine before it, just my scalp wasn't. Hair loss is also a side effect if used incorrectly I've heard ( and read )

After Nizoral (Four months later, now)

My question is: Is this MPB, that coincidentally started during the time I was overusing Nizoral? Or are these the side effects of overusing such a harsh product, and will it return to its normal state?

I never had the best hairline, but until four months ago, I was more than happy with it