View Full Version : Legit online store for fin/propecia for Europe(Serbia). Balding and can`t get them :<

10-03-2014, 10:52 AM
Hello. I`am 23 years old, and I started to go bald very fast.
I was nw0 at january and now nw2 diffuse, and its going FAST(horseshoe forming).

There is no fin/propecia where I live it seems, and doctor don`t want to give me proscar :(

Doctor gave me Neogenic and B vitamins. I used Neogenic for 3 months, and NOTHING. He say "its fine", but I know its not because I`am taking pictures every week.

Please anyone, I can only get minoxidil and nizoral here and NO FIN. Give me please any advice what to do, or store online. I`am really desperate and depressed :<