View Full Version : @ people who have switched from Fin to RU

10-02-2014, 07:05 AM

I know that there is already a huge thread on RU, however I'm seriously contemplating switching from fin which I have been using for just over a year to RU. Although I think that fin does maintain your hair somewhat, lots of people have said that RU does pretty much the same job with smaller side effects. The sytemic mechanism of fin I think has caused weight gain as well as muscle mass deterioration. However any sexual side effects I may have had have lowered dramatically due to lower dosage/ body adaptation.

Just wanted to know very concisely;

1) Has RU reduced any sides that you were experiencing with fin?

2) Has it improved your hair to a greater extent when compared with fin?

3) Is it good value for money in your opinion ?

4) would you recommend switching from fin to RU to friends ect.

First ever post ! Thank you